The Greatest Miami Computer Programmers of All Time

Written by wyncode on 6th June 2014, 10:41 AM


Miami has a digital pulse. First and foremost, Miami’s digital pulse beats because of the city’s history of education in computer science. The University of Miami has a world renowned Department of Computer Science.

Data Pioneers

Two notable professors guiding the department are Nicholas Tsinoremas and Mitsunori Ogihara. Dr. Tsinoremas and Dr. Ogihara share a common interest to advance the science of data mining. The doctors’ common interest in data mining reflects throughout the computer science curriculum at the University.

Working at Scripps Florida, Tsinoremas led a team creating the data mining system for the genomic sequence which made searching the gene database possible. Ogihara directs the Data Mining Group in the Center for Computational Science at the University of Miami. Ogihara, like Tsinoremas, is a dating mining visionary who focuses his energies primarily on high-dimensional data such as the data flowing through large scale digital networks.

Game Pioneers

Miami also has a digital pulse from the energy of vital commercial computer programming. One commercial computer programming field deeply tied the Miami area has been video game programming. Local college programs, technical training and computer programming businesses have fostered a healthy scene.

Legendary video game developer John Schappert calls Miami home. Schappert’s newest endeavor is the Miami based game developer Shiver Entertainment. Shiver’s mission, posted to their site, is “to make the world’s best free-to-play games and build a great company while we’re at it”.

Schappert has been a star of the video game industry for over 20 years. Beginning his career as a programmer, Schappert was involved in the creation of significant game hits including John Madden Football. His game company Tiburon Entertainment was acquired by video game giant Electronic Arts. After working at EA, Schappert moved onto Microsoft and oversaw business for XBox Live.

Born in Miami, brothers Scott and Richard Adams would grow up to become early pioneers of video game engineering. Scott Adams is often cited as programming the first known adventure game for personal computers in 1978 titled Adventureland.

Between 1978 and 1984, Scott programmed a string of early games for personal computers which were released for major audiences by his game company Adventure International. Meanwhile Scott’s brother Richard was innovating the internal processes of video game machines which would host his brother’s work. Richard is credited with creating one of the early 16 bit graphic computers which his brother used to begin his adventure game development.

Do you know any local programming talent? Miami is a burgeoning tech community and we’d love to feature and support any programmers in the area by featuring them on our blog, so don’t be afraid to drop us a line.