Good Languages To Learn If You’re Already A Developer

Written by Administrator on 6th July 2015, 6:47 PM


A computer programmer should never hang their hat on just one language.


The world of technology is evolving so rapidly that multilingualism is one of the greatest assets any coder can carry in their skill set.


The simple fact is that each computer programming language has its own merits and faults, and calling upon the greatest powers of each is a core construct of the ethos of agility. Even experienced web developers should constantly add to their arsenal of abilities. And with that being said, here are seven great languages to learn if you’re already a developer:

SWIFT Objective C programming language

SWIFT – This new language from Apple allows developers to publish to their App Store. With a high speed compiler, automatic memory management, and advanced error handling model, you have the makings of quickly tapping one of the world’s most widespread commercial enterprises. After just six weeks in Wyncode’s part-time iOS course, led by Karl Goodhew and Derek Miller of YellowPepper, you will actually do so. Wyncode web immersive program grads, or those with some programming background, are the ideal candidates for adopting Swift. Karl Goodhew says, “The ability to publish to the App Store is highly sought after in the business world and development community. It definitely adds to any coder’s toolkit.”


Node programming language

NODE.js – Since 2009, this server-side language has gone from the brainchild of computer programmer extraordinaire, Ryan Dahl, to the backbone of online operations by major corporations such as Uber and Walmart. Node’s specialty is in handling massive numbers of concurrent requests to real time web apps. And according to Sean Canton from Rokk3r Labs, who is leading Wyncode’s Node.js course, “The thing I like most is that you can prototype ideas very quickly with very little code.”

golang mockup


Go, also known as Golang, is an open source language developed by three Google engineers and the world of contributors their project has attracted. It is loosely based on recognizable syntax from the C language. However, three its core precepts are safety, simplicity, and efficiency. It’s built in support for concurrency primitives (go-routines and channels) is a notable feature.

Locally, Ft Lauderdale’s Citrix corporation writes in the Go Language, and you can find documentation of how they’ve made it work with Firebase as, “a rally point for mobile and web clients to connect and start collaborating.”  


clojure coding


Clojure is a dynamic programming language that targets the Java Virtual Machine, the .NET CLR, and JavaScript. Clojure has lists, but it also adds maps, vectors, and sets. Clojure de-emphasizes the primacy of lists by providing broad support for these data types and by supplanting the list as the main data structure with the more abstract notion of a “sequence”. You can read more about this here.

It also plays friendly with Java. Clojure code compiles down to JVM byte code meaning that it runs wherever Java runs. A Clojure program can be packaged up as “just another jar file” and run on existing Java infrastructure. THis makes Clojure a very attractive language for enterprises with significant investments in Java stacks. Of course, the Clojure project also includes ClojureScript- an implementation of Clojure which compiles down to Javascript rather than JVM byte code. This makes it possible to write Clojure code that runs in the browser.
Clojure is being used to create many interesting, cutting edge SPAs. Being able to run in the browser and anywhere Java runs gives Clojure tremendous potential reach that includes mobile platforms. Miami software development company, Point Slope is actively involved in the Clojure community and uses Clojure on several client engagements. Company co-founder Christian Romney says, “Lisp in general and Clojure in particular will change not only the way you write software, but the way you think about solving problems with software. I find that Clojure lets me express my ideas very directly. I find the way that Clojure looks at the world really resonates with me. ”

ruby programming language

RUBY – Massive, open source, full of gems, and wholly concerned with simplicity of form and function, it’s no coincidence that Ruby on Rails forms the current basis for Wyncode’s Web Immersive course. Students learn to program and code their own full stack web app in just nine weeks with the full intent of job placement as a junior developer in the tech ecosystem of Florida and beyond. Experienced coders are wise to add this widely used language into their skill set and go forth boldly into a bright and code-filled future. Yukihiro Matsumoto, aka Matz, the inventor of the Ruby language, told a Japanese interviewer that, “In the United States, corporations like Disney and Best Buy are indeed utilising Ruby, Rails and Heroku to rapidly grow their internal infrastructure in a cost-effective fashion.”

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Wyncode’s Node.js development course will give you the skills needed to develop your own Node applications. The course is developed and taught by Miami tech and Node veteran Sean Canton, Lead of Technical Research at Rokk3rLabs. This course is designed for existing junior level developers who have either completed Wyncode’s Immersive Web Development course or who can demonstrate a similar level of proficiency.