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Carlos Ramos

"The thing I love about this career is that I’m constantly learning. Many of the skills you learn on the job in the military set you up for a lucrative career in software development! Working in high-pressure environments made me resilient and adaptable. Those traits are necessary in Web Development, especially at a small company like the one I work for. Priorities shift regularly, and usually with very short timelines. The ability to perform under pressure, pay attention to detail and solve problems creatively are all assets to a Web Developer. No one is born a coder, and if you can keep your ego in check and approach the craft humbly, you’ll have a very rewarding career ahead of you. As far as coding itself, be confident in your ability to learn, and be disciplined in your practice."

Roles in Army: Soldier, Network Infrastructure Specialist, and Systems Engineer

Today: Full-stack Web Developer, Amazon.com

Shannan Muench

"With programming skills you can work anywhere, plus it's in high demand so there's a high chance of finding a job despite the fact that I'm older. My experience at Wyncode has been amazing. I knew it would be challenging because I had minimal programming experience; however, the system is in place to help students will varying levels of experience succeed, and the entire staff is invested in each student's success. I am amazed at how much I have learned in just a few weeks. I can say that this is one of the most challenging schools I have attended, including my military schools, but the sense of team and family are very similar to the military so it makes it bearable. Much better than trying to learn programming from an online school at home alone."

Roles in Army: First Sergeant in US Army Reserves, 35-P Russian Linguist

TODAY: Full Stack Web Dev Working at Microsoft in Seattle, WA

Veterans are great Developers and Web Designers

With all the highly sought after technology roles in the job market, this can be the beginning of a new career for you. What qualities make veterans unique in this field?

If you are ready to learn the skills necessary to start a new career in tech, that's why we're here for.

Problem solvers


Technical training

Decision-making abilities


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Excel at teamwork

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