Transforming our student’s career and the direction of their lives is the primary drive for everything we do here at Wyncode. We particularly enjoy getting to know our students and seeing how they plan to put into use this new knowledge that they learned in a short window of 10 weeks.

We are inspired by Wyncoders like George Romero, who had completed an IT education prior to Wyncode, but wanted to level up on his technical web development skills. Congratulations George on your new job opportunity at USDEVCO!

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What encouraged you to join Wyncode? What were you doing prior to the program?

What encouraged me to join Wyncode would be my boss at the time, and some friends that did the program and graduated from it. I was able to see their lives transform after attending Wyncode and make the decision to make a career change. Before the program I was an Associate System Administrator and attending Miami Dade College. While in Miami Dade College i majored in Information Technology.

A day in the life of a Wed Dev Student at Wyncode

I enjoyed my time at Wyncode, it’s a very diverse and welcoming environment and the people there really want to help you succeed! And the places to eat around Wyncode are The bomb!

If you ever get the chance go to Taco Stand. You’re welcome. What I felt was difficult while attending Wyncode was React. When we first started jumping into it, I felt lost and confused most of the time. But the way I was able to overcome those obstacles was to continue pushing and not give up regardless how I felt.

Tips and hacks you learned in the program

Udemy is a really good tool to help you get deeper into the technologies you’ll be learning. Google is also a really good tool when troubleshooting. Also, use the resources you have around you while at Wyncode, you’re going to be there for a long time. Instructors, and TA’s are there to help you out with whatever you need.

The Job

At USDEVCO I am a software developer currently working on creating web applications to solve customer needs in the business world. USDEVCO is a quality software development consulting firm set out to meet business needs.