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The Wyncode Future Leaders of Tech Fellowship is an initiative championed by Knight Foundation and Microsoft, in partnership with Wyncode, to provide underserved individuals in the Miami-Dade community with access to premier technical education and a pathway to a career in technology. This fellowship is designed to educate, empower and cultivate the future leaders of Miami’s tech scene.

Empowering Leaders

The Fellowship provides talented, deserving and hardworking individuals with a tuition-free opportunity to complete one of Wyncode’s full-time programs:
Full-Stack Web Development or UX/UI Design.

Upon completion of Wyncode’s 10-week immersive program, the fellows will have the opportunity to better hone their newly acquired tech skills by going into the field with a role in tech, in addition to access to lifetime job support from Wyntalent. 


In addition to a full fellowship to one of Wyncode’s full-time programs, as a fellow you will have access to the following:

  • Unlimited, lifetime access to Wyntalent Job Placement services
  • Visit Microsoft’s headquarters and stores
  • Once per quarter, Wyncode, Knight Foundation, and Microsoft will host a meeting of all Future Leaders of Tech Fellows alumni.

This fellowship is for outstanding and talented individuals who when given the training in relevant technical skills will make a big difference in their community. 

Applicants for the program must meet these requirements:

  • Member of an underrepresented group in Miami Tech
  • Under $50k combined family income
  • Authorized to work in the US
  • Preference is given to students with no or limited post-secondary education

Are You a Future Leader of Miami Tech?


Top candidates will display some or all of the following characteristics:

  • Strong academic motivation
  • A history of leadership 
  • Exceptional curiosity towards tech
  • Effective communication skills

Once you apply, you will be invited to go through a process that includes an in-person interview with Wyncode staff, a Wonderlic cognitive and motivation assessment and a code challenge. We will also request two references.

Awesome Support

More Features

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Past Fellows

Thanks to the Future Leaders of Tech fellowship, Jenee transitioned from being a Cocktail Waitress to a Quality Assurance Analyst at Wix.com in Miami. Wix.com has over $400 million in annual revenue.


QA Analyst at Wix.com / Entrepreneur



A New Career

Before applying, make sure you are familiar with our programs and the direction you'd like to take in a new career in tech: 


Develop a User Experience mind-set, creating user journeys, wireframes, and understanding best practices when creating a product, website or app. The program is designed for beginners, no prior experience necessary. 


A coding bootcamp where you will learn: JavaScript, React, Ruby, jQuery, Ruby on Rails, HTML and CSS, and have access to a lifetime of Job Support from our Wyntalent team.  The program is for beginners looking to become front end and back end developers . No experience needed. 

Create complex websites and mobile applications -- one of the most on-demand tech jobs in South Florida and Nationwide. 


This program is ideal for Creatives looking to become:

Product Designers, User Experience Experts, UX / UI Leads,  User Interface Designers, User Researchers and more. 


Once you submit the application, you will hear from Wyncode's Admissions team for next steps. 

About Wyncode

Questions about eligibility? Reach out to us at admissions@wyncode.co

Wyncode Academy is the premier accelerated learning destination in South Florida. Wyncode currently offers in-person courses for Full Stack Web Development, User Experience & User Interface (UX/UI) Design, Front End Web Development and Digital Marketing in Wynwood, Miami, Florida. Wyncode also has the ability to create custom cohorts and corporate training programs in addition to our newest venture Wyntalent, a consulting service for mid and senior level dev talent.

Wyncode's network reaches far and wide with over 650+ alumni and more than 315+ hiring partners including Magic Leap, CareCloud and Watsco Ventures among many others.

Wyncode's 2017 job placement report has been released. In 2017 Wyncode had a graduation rate of 94% and 27% of graduates were female. Of the 101 graduated who were considered job seeking, 90% obtained work within 120 days. Out of those employed a whopping 90% landed technical roles. When reviewing Wyncoder’s who reported salaries the average was $51,600 which is up 5% from 2015-16. 

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