Written by Jocelyn Caster on 20th October 2016, 11:02 AM

Anyone can learn to code. It will take effort, patience, dedication, and a lot of time to do so, but anyone can do it. However, the best part about learning to code is that there are countless options for different types of people. One can learn online via the numerous online coding academies that exist, by obtaining a computer science degree, by teaching themselves with books and online tutorials, by learning part-time either in person or online, or by quitting their job and joining a full-time immersive coding bootcamp. But, what are the differences with full-time verse part-time learning?

Would you learn the same content in a part-time program as you would in a full-time course? Well, different programs are designed to produce different outcomes. Most importantly, time and intensity play the biggest factor. You must figure out your own goals before deciding what type of program you should choose.

full-time verse part-time learning

Let’s get started. What is your goal?

Are you looking to familiarize yourself with an introduction to the world of code by learning the basics? Do you desire the ability to hack together your own ideas into functioning websites? How about being able to build fully functioning, interactive web applications? Would you like to land a job in the tech industry as a junior developer?

Here at Wyncode, we’ve noticed that our top students are the ones who either had a lot of time to spend working on learning the concepts of coding, or who had previous experience or aptitude. Simply put, full-time students just have much more time, effort, and bandwidth to learn everything they possibly can.  
full-time verse part-time learning

I want to learn to code. What do I do now?

Ultimately, your decision to join a full-time coding bootcamp should be a result of a few key considerations: what do you want to do with your life, how much time do you have available, and what is your current personal situation. If your end goal is to quickly land a new job as a developer, you should certainly look into an immersive course.  

Wyncode is a great choice for “high stakes” learners, students who are absolutely focused on launching an exciting new career. The Wyncode program is designed to train our students by providing an intensive code learning experience. Our goal has always been to get our students job-ready without wasting any time. However, in the full-time verse part-time learning debate, an intensive bootcamp is not for everybody, and we understand that. 

If you think you may be up to the challenge of going full-time, and want to learn more about our web immersive program, head to our website or call us on (305) 720-2422.