Natalie had been unemployed and looking for her true calling when she decided to embark in the transformational experience of Wyncode’s Full Stack Web Development Bootcamp. Now, she is a Full Stack Web Developer and runs our Women in Tech program at CareerSource. This is her story as a woman in Miami tech.

Natalie Dinkins in her own words:

I joined Wyncode after being unemployed for almost a year. Prior to Wyncode, I had been feverishly looking for a job to no avail. Because I had extra time on my hands, I was able to really consider my next move. I wanted to transition into a career in technology, but I had no clue how. Little did I know, my husband was also researching career options for me. One day, he sent me the link to Wyncode’s website along with a message saying that based on his research, it was the best web development boot camp in South Florida. So I did my own research and submitted my application. I enrolled in C32 shortly thereafter. I graduated in March 2019.

Being a Web Dev student at Wyncode was a lot more challenging than I thought it would be. At first, I struggled with moving from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset. Having been in traditional classrooms all my life, the concept of a growth mindset was foreign to me. After a while, I realized that having a fixed mindset did not serve me in this new endeavor. Once I made the transition, I was able to enjoy the challenge.

Tips and recommendations for those looking to transition into the tech field:

One tip I would give other students is to take advantage of the resources available at Wyncode (e.g. instructors, TA’s, other students). Another tip would be to prevent burnout by making sure that you schedule time for rest and recovery, whether it is just to take a nap, go for a walk, or watch a funny video. It’s important to refresh yourself so that you can jump right into the next challenge.

I would love to work as a web developer for a period of time, but ultimately I want to see where my career takes me. I am open to the possibilities. Either way, I want to do work that adds value to people’s lives.

What is means to be a Woman in Tech (especially in Miami’s up and coming tech ecosystem):

I feel confident about entering the tech field as a woman. Although the tech field is still very male-dominated, I have met many women through Wyncode, who have successfully navigated the tech landscape.

I currently manage an all-woman web development boot camp that is being offered by Wyncode and CareerSource South Florida. The cohort is taught by women and has a mission to diversify the tech industry by training women, from all walks of life, in front end web development. This experience has been a blessing to me on a professional and personal level. Not only do I get to apply what I learned as a web dev student, but I also get to work with brilliant women who will go on to make their mark in the Miami tech industry.

While my journey in tech only began within the last year, I feel that this is the best time to be a woman in tech. While women are still underrepresented in the tech field, more and more companies and organizations are recognizing the need for diversity, so the opportunities are there.

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