Meet Addison Grillo, a Berklee College of Music Graduate turned Full Stack Web Developer. In his own words, Addison has turned his skills for troubleshooting audio equipment into skills for debugging and building software quickly and efficiently.

Read about Addison below.

What encouraged you to join Wyncode? I had a friend who went to a coding bootcamp several years ago and he is now a Senior Dev and loves his new job. I have always been passionate about technology and have always been a good problem solver, so I figured I would give it a shot.

When did you complete the program? I completed the program in June of 2019.

What were you doing prior to the program? Prior to Wyncode I worked in the music department at Church by the Glades.


What did you expect Wyncode to be like? I went in to the bootcamp with the expectation that it would be very difficult but knowing if I worked hard I could get through it so Wyncode was pretty much exactly like I expected it to be.

Do you have any tips or hacks you learned in the program to share with current students? DO YOUR PRE-WORK! Do as much coding preparation beforehand as you can so you can keep up with the fast pace of a bootcamp.

(A note for readers: The best way to prepare for a coding bootcamp is to get comfortable with the basics of programming languages before the program begins. Our admissions team will share pre-work exercises with applicants, which are not mandatory but are strongly recommended.)

What role are you looking to get into in the tech field? I’m open to any developer roles.

What are you most hopeful about with your new Web Dev career? I hope to one day get to work for a company where I’m really excited about the software we are building and I hope to one day be the guy the company can call when no one else can figure out the solution to a problem.

If you have a problem you can’t figure out, connect with Addison for some help here. See some of his work here.