Don’t Listen to the Fake News!

Written by Mario Aguayo on 22nd September 2017, 3:20 PM

What makes a great code school? Is it the number of students they enroll? Their fancy marketing campaigns? The amount of money they can raise?

At Wyncode, it comes down to one thing. Developers Outcomes.

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We’ve been invited to the White House twice to talk about the importance of publishing information on how Wyncode developers perform when they finish the program. As part of our commitment to President Obama, we were one of only four code schools in the country to follow through on our promise.

Not only do we publish our outcomes, they are reviewed by an independent accounting firm to make sure what we are saying is true and that you can trust the data.

Before you consider a code school, make sure to ask them for their outcomes report and double check that it is independently verified. There’s no excuse to not have this available unless they are hiding something, and that’s just fake news.