We are officially launching Wyntalent, Wyncode’s consulting arm... and we want you to join us!

Find out what Wyntalent is and why we’re hiring Wyncoders like you for full-time and part-time/contract roles.

We are welcoming a very special guest speaker -- Valeri Karpov -- the man who coined the term “MEAN stack” in 2013 and the current maintainer of the Mongoose library. Valeri is going to speak about “Functions as a Service” and is planning to join the Wyntalent team part-time.

You’ll also hear from Alex Lopez, a senior Wyntalent consultant developer, and Tom Packert, a Wyntalent client.

We’re providing food and drinks, so don’t miss out on what will be an awesome evening!

Seats are limited to the first 45 alumni so be sure to rsvp asap!