Wyncode is one of only a handful of code schools in the nation that accepts GI Bill. We have some incredible developers who transitioned from military life to tech life in 10 weeks. Come hear their incredible journeys on October 4th at Wynbase

We are proud to have Arturo Polanco, Shannan Muench, and Carlos Ramos speak about their journey into learning to code, and how new opportunities have resulted from learning such a valuable skill set. This event is proudly co-hosted with Vetpreneur.

Artie Polanco

Arturo Polanco

Software Engineer at Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.

Carlos Romos

Carlos Ramos

Cloud Associate Apprentice at Amazon Web Services

Shannan Muench

Shannan Muench

Entrepreneur at Lasting Impressions Marketing, Inc.

This event is proudly co-hosted with Vetpreneur.