Our April edition of Waffle Wednesday is dedicated to our beloved PLANET EARTH - In particular our beautiful coastal city of Miami (& South Florida as a whole). We will be discussing the vision of organizations and startups that, through the use of technology, are working to make our city a more enjoyable, sustainable and competitive community. 

Don't miss master waffles chef Alfonso who will be cooking up some deliciousness. 


Caroline Lewis, Founder and Executive Director of The CLEO Institute

Juliana Lima, Founder of CasaLima and UX UI Expert

Michelle Salas, Founder of Lady Green Recycling

Anastasia Mikhalochkina, Founder of Lean Orb

Sarah Emmons, Managing Director at Radical Partners


8:30 AM  Waffles & Networking 

9:15 AM  Welcoming & Introduction 

9:30 AM  'Tech Saves Miami' panel begins

10:30 AM  Closing 

Parking & Transportation: 

There is street parking around our campus (with metered pricing), but in addition, our sponsors at Lyft have provided a promo code for up to $5 off your 2 rides to/from Wyncode Academy on Waffle Wednesday. Use promo code: WAFFLEWEDNESDAY or follow this link: https://www.lyft.com/invite/WYNCODEWAFFLE

Waffle Wednesday is hosted and sponsored by Wyncode & Knight Foundation.

This event is open to the public. Be sure to RSVP soon!