Join us during Venture Cafe for an immersive hands on experience. Wyncode's UX/UI Head Instructor Gessica Tortolano will guide you through the user journey of bridging the physical and digital world with UX/UI design.

You won't want to miss the opportunity to get a feel for Wyncode's first UX/UI Design Bootcamp with our inaugural C1 beginning January 22, 2018. 

What is UX/UI? 

User experience design (UX) is the process behind the interface, it accounts for user needs and desires. User interface design (UI) is the experience in which users engage with digital products. 

What will you learn in Wyncode's UX/UI Immersive? 

A graduate should come out of the class being able to: 

  • Improve Process for business and users, you will simplify forms and create informative dashboards.¬†
  • Communicate Designs by making informed design decisions, wireframes, and interactive prototypes.¬†
  • Arrange and structure information for navigation, site architecture and the creation of user flows and stories.¬†
  • Initiate a UX framework creating team inertia and client expectations using lean and agile methodologies.¬†
  • Apply Best Practices¬†by conducting audits, data analysis, finding inspiration, and setting guiding principles.¬†
  • Conduct Research¬†by indentifying the best method, when to use it, and defending the value of user research.¬†

Soft skills

Standups l Daily inspiration l Critiques l MVP l Estimates l Daily Doodle l UX/Design debates l Client Interactions 

Getting hired

We have several partners already interested in hiring UX/UI designers!

"Of all the skills our clients are looking to hire or engage, UX and Design Thinking are absolutely at the top of their wish list." - Gordon White - The Social Client

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