Join us for a conversation with a Wyncode alum, (insert name), that will be discussing what their journey has been like after learning to code, gaining experience, and launching their new career paths. Our speaker will be talking about their JavaScript life, while being moderated by Wyncode's own alum, Mario Aguayo.

Tech is one of the hardest industries for anyone to break into nowadays. Our Wyncoders all have something in common through their journey, they all decided at one point to invest in themselves and learn to code. Our speaker will be sharing how they transitioned into a career in tech, and how that has changed their life. 

(Insert panelist photo here)

Since the launch of Wyncode, we have graduated 400+ developers out of the program. This is just an example of a few of their stories. We are lucky enough to be in a city whose tech industry is being built from the ground up around its own diverse population. Right here in Miami, we have incredible leaders taking charge in our community.

Wyncode is excited to host a discussion from one of the amazing developers at our Wynbase campus in Wynwood. Our guest will share personal stories of both successes and challenges along their JavaScript life, advice on how to break into the industry, and tips on how to succeed.