You are invited to join us for an evening workshop on System Design Architecture at Wyncode Academy.

Knowing how to design large-scale information systems is what helps you become a better software engineer. Come get an effective primer on systems design with Wyntalent Software Engineer, Jonas Erthal, and learn best practices and important concepts when thinking about the architecture of your software. We will cover examples of designing professional-grade applications, and gain a strong understanding of the core components that make up good system design.

Facebook Developer Circles is a community-driven program that's free to join and open to any developer. Each event is led by community members who organize events and manage a local online Facebook community. Developer Circles are a forum to share knowledge, collaborate, build new ideas, and learn about the latest technologies from Facebook and other industry leaders.

Whether a member of a circle is a student learning how to code, a developer looking to turn an idea into reality, or an experienced coder searching for the latest Facebook product and open-source tool updates -- Developer Circles empowers a diverse range of technical talent, to improve their skills and stay up to date with the latest tech trends.