We would like to invite you to join us for the presentations of the eMergeĀ Hackathon!Ā This mind-stimulating, adrenaline-fueled event has attracted coders from all over the world. Hackathon participants have 24 hours to build a solution that supports, solves, or celebrates the resilience of Miami presented by industry-leading API sponsors Kairos and Cloudinary. The reward?Ā  $8,000 in cash plus additional prizesā€”and the thrill of building something amazing from the ground up. And we wantĀ youĀ to be there for their presentations!Ā 

This is the time you can enjoy breakfast, networking, and the presentations of our hackathon teams.Ā 

  • 11:30 am: Come on in and make sure to get some food, drinks, and a seat!Ā 
  • 12:00 pm: Presentations & Judging starts

Looking forward to seeing you there!Ā 

eMerge Americas Hackathon 2018 presented by Wyncode