As a participant, you can register for the eMerge Americas Hackathon as part of a Company Team or as a Free Agent.

Company Teams

Groups of minimum of two (2) employees and up to five (5) current employees of a single company can form a team for the hackathon. You can join a Company Team by

  1. Registering using the "Company" ticket, creating a new group, creating a new password, and inviting up to four (4) additional coworkers to the group
  2. Joining a group via an invitation from a coworker
  3. Joining a group by searching for a Company Team name

All group members must use their company emails in order to register for a Company Team.

Free Agents

Don’t have a company team? No problem! You can signup as a Free Agent and make your own team with other Free Agents or join a company team that has space. To become an eligible Free Agent, first sign up on the Eventbrite. We’ll email you a fun Coding Challenge so we can better assess your skill level and assign you to the right team. There are three levels of the Coding Challenge, so complete what you can, and don’t worry if you can’t answer all of the questions. We want to make the competition as fair as possible so we will match your skills with a team that will compliment you. There are limited Free Agent spots available so be sure to complete your Coding Challenge as soon as possible. Once completed we will be selecting Free Agents for the competition and you will receive an invite if you are accepted.

Although prompted, you do not need to use your company information or email to register as a Free Agent.