Wyntalent is hosting our first event of the year with Google Developer Group Miami next Wednesday, January 16th, from 6 PM to 8 PM and would love to have you join us!  

GDG Miami is a non-profit organization created by developers based in South Florida with the goal of exchanging knowledge and experiences about Google-based technologies like Flutter and Kotlin.

We’re happy to welcome an amazing guest lecturer, Jesus Diaz. Jesus is the founder of Cloud39, a consulting practice focused on building cloud-first enterprise tech solutions.  He’s also a Google certified professional for both Data Engineering and Cloud Architecture and will be sharing his extensive knowledge about Google’s Cloud Platform.

Cloud computing is one of the most disrupting technologies of the last decade. Every single industry is being massively impacted by the potential gains and differentiators associated with it. At the same time, the cloud opens up a wealth of opportunities for startups and individuals to innovate at an incredibly rapid pace, using tools and a scale that was until recently only accessible to big business.

There are different ways of developing applications in the cloud. In this talk, we will explore what it is what we call cloud computing, and what techniques, developing paradigms, and technologies can be used to build resilient, highly available, massive applications.