You have taken the first step towards changing your career path and learning something new. This UX/UI Design Challenge is your chance to show us how you can apply yourself to our program. 

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The Challenge

Conduct a UX Audit or evaluation of your best or worst UX/UI Digital experience. An example may be buying something online, the checkout process, a form submission, engagement. Be creative!

Things to consider: 

  • Be sure to explain why you feel the experience was good or bad, and back up your audit with data and insights if possible. 
  • If you feel extra ambitious, provide some solutions or ideas (these can be sketches, diagrams, designs, a prototype). 
  • Your ideas can be relayed in any format you want, as long as your idea comes through. The format can be a keynote or google slides (with approximately 5-15 slides), with screenshots and notations. But remember, be CREATIVE and show us what you've got! 



This challenge should take you 1-2 hours. Please make sure you submit it within the time frame provided by your Admissions manager. If you do not receive a confirmation email after submitting this form, please email us directly. 

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Now that you have completed our Design Challenge, you will hear from our Admissions Team - about the next steps to continue your admissions process.