Perform at the Next Level

Interact with the fast moving startup world and analyze potential ways to innovate from a different angle.

Train Your Team with the Tools They Need

Our courses can teach you how to develop apps, manage software engineers, and think, operate and grow like a startup, among other topics.

Corporate Innovation

Fuel growth by disrupting the way you do business

Digital Marketing 3.0

Hack your way into viral growth with testable, trackable, and scalable tools

Lean Methodology

Adopt scientific principles to accelerate your product development cycles

Entrepreneurial Tactics in the Workplace

Your MVP

Quick Thinking

Empower your troops to be thinkers and doers

Validate through a Minimum Viable Product

Learn how to make rational decisions in high pressure environments

Find the Right Developer

Developer for a Day

Interface with the Cloud

Optimize the resources available in the talent spectrum

Understand the tools available to your software developers

Leverage digital infrastructure to engage your stakeholders

Collision and Collaboration

Understanding Agile Development

The Intrapreneur's Toolbox

Make the most out of the initiatives that are positioning South Florida at the forefront of innovation

Enable your team to incrementally develop your product in an iterative manner

Discover the resources that corporations are making available through corporate incubators and venture funds

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