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Coolest Resources for Teaching Children How to Code

Written by wyncode on 1st August 2014, 4:51 PM

Programming teaches your child vital problem-solving skills, creativity and communication skills. Not to mention, it can be fun for you too! Nowadays, children absorb information and understand technology faster than previous generations. Teaching them programming skills can set them up for success later in life.

Programming Games for the Youngest

The best applications for the youngest children are centered on graphics and simple animations to keep their attention. Most educational programming applications for children have been rated for ages 8 and older, but if your child knows how to read and can understand cause and effect, even pre-K children can learn programming.

Daisy the Dinosaur

One method to get a youngster into programming is to introduce them to Daisy the Dinosaur. The application is for the iPad, and there is a free-to-use version. Your child will have to manipulate the character through obstacles involving loops, events and other programming basics. The application uses bare-bones basic programming; however, the simplicity is great for younger children.

Move the Turtle

Move the Turtle teaches basic programming concepts through manipulation of graphical objects in challenges. Twitter followers from Lifehacker have recommended this application because Move the Turtle allows children to learn logical programming concepts from the puzzles. However, this application does cost $2.99.


MIT students and staff designed Scratch in 2003. It was the first programming application that was created for children ages 8 to 16. As a multi-platform download, Scratch is a web-based app, making it more accessible. Students use a visual programming language that consists of bricks that they drag to animate sprites. Additionally, Scratch provides teaching guides, a community and other resources. You do not have to be a programming expert to teach your child Scratch.

Robot Turtles

This board game sneakily teaches children the programming fundamentals. The child receives directional cards with small arrows to help her robotic reptile move across the board. After a direction has been picked, you slide the turtle in that direction. In a basic sense, the child learns writing code in a hands-on manner because the gameplay has been built around coding fundamentals. The game provides 36 obstacle tiles that must be overcome with the right code cards. It is aimed at children ages 3 to 8.

Your child will thank you later when they can program inventions and help make the world a better place because they got to start young.

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