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Computing in Florida - Top 3 Facts You Might Not Know

Computing in Florida – Top 3 Facts You Might Not Know

Written by wyncode on 20th June 2014, 4:04 PM

In Florida, just like in many other states and locations there are many tasks that are done with the aid of computers, smartphones, tablets, and other communication devices. However, many people do not realize that using devices such as computers can provide the opportunity to become a victim of crimes or unintentionally break state laws in Florida. Some facts that you may not be aware of concerning computing in Florida include:

1. Cyberbullying is Illegal.
2. Accessing Networks Without Permission is Illegal.
3. Phishing is Illegal.

Cyberbullying is Illegal

Cyberbullying is illegal, and it is considered a criminal act. It is against the law to knowingly cyberbully an individual. In general, cyberbullying sometimes referred to as cyberstalking is purposefully using a phone, computer, email, tablet, or other electronic communication device to knowingly harass another person.

Accessing Networks Without Permission is Illegal

Many people access networks owned by other people without getting permission. One of the most common and popular examples is accessing a WiFi network without the permission of the owner; however, this can be illegal depending on the nature and intent of the action, which could result in fines or jail time depending on the situation.

Phishing is Illegal

One of the most popular scams that is ran today is Phishing, which is an email scam
where individuals send out email messages posing as legitimate companies or people in an effort to gather personal information from the recipients. The emails typically provide a link that will send the recipients to a website that looks exactly like the legitimate one. Once at the website, they will ask the recipients to enter personal information such as a social security number, credit card information, bank information, and other related personal information in an attempt to steal the recipient’s money or identity.

The use of computer technology has many positives but there are also negatives. Some people will try to take advantage of other people on a daily basis using a wide variety of methods while others will do things that seem harmless but can have serious legal consequences. In the state of Florida, just like most other locations it is best to understand the rules and regulations regarding computing before engaging in high-risk activities.

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