Comprehensive List of Programming Cheat Sheets

Written by wyncode on 9th July 2014, 5:24 PM

Welcome to a refreshingly diverse collection of programming cheat sheets. Pick your treasure from this share-worthy trove of updated, current cheats including Git, Baofeng, Cocoa, Google Maps, Twitter, VoiceXML, and a free software directory.

Choose a Programming Language Cheat Sheet:

.NET Microsoft framework
2GIG Quick Programming Guide
APEX Developer Cheat Sheet
Asynchronos JavaScript and XML
Baofeng UV-3R VHF/UHF TRX Cheat Sheet
BASH index of command line for Linux
Basic Cheat Sheet for Django
Cheat Sheets Repository – Make and Share Your Own
C++ Cheat Sheet
Chatter REST API for Salesforce1
Clojure for Java Virtual Machine
Cocoa Code Naming Basics
Cocoa Tips and Techniques for Framework Developers
ColdFusion Cheat Sheets
Creative Coding Quick Reference Sheet
CSS Style Examples
CSS3 Cheat Sheet (PDF)
Dave’s Command Lines for Linux Lines
Dave’s Regular Expressions Quick Reference
Free Software Directory
G-code Wiki
Git Developer’s’ Cheat Sheet
GNU’s Copyleft Licenses
Google Maps Cheat Sheet (PDF)
HAML Cheat Sheet by specialbrand
HTML Code Cheat Sheet from NetLingo
iOS8 Swift for iPhone Developers
JavaScript on one page
Newfronts 2014 Programming Cheat SheetYour text to link…
Linux Command Line Cheat Sheet
Liquid Basics for Shopify
Locators Table (PDF)
Objective-C Common, high-level topics
Perl Syntax Reference Sheet and Overview
PHP Coding Standards Cheat Sheet-PSR 0,1,2,3
PHP-FIG Coding Standards (PDF)
PoodLL Filter Justin’s Cheat Sheet
PRC’s Springboard Lite v4.03 or 4.04 Cheat Sheet
PRC’s Vantage Lite Cheat Sheet v5.08
Printable HTML 5 Cheat Sheet
Python For Nerds: Idioms and Caveats
Python Mechanize Module for Beginners Cheat Sheet
Query & Search Optimization Cheat Sheet for Cloud Developers (PDF)
R Crib Sheets
Ray’s Objective C Cheat Sheet and Quick Reference (PDF)
Revit 2015 Cheat Sheet in French
Roblox Scripting wiki 2014
Mark’s Shopify Cheat Sheet
Speckyboy’s 20 Professional Headline Fresh and Free Fonts
Speckyboy’s CSS Typography Reference Sheet
Steve’s UNIX/Linux Shell Cheat Sheet
Swift Quick Tips
Taskwarrior 2.3.0 Command Reference
The Official Unofficial AngularJS Cheat Sheet
Theoretical Computer Science Cheat Sheet
Twitter Cheat Sheet for Programmers
URL Rewriting for Beginners
VoiceXML Cheat Sheet for Programmers
Vijay’s Regular Expressions Cheat Sheet
Visualforce (PDF)
IRC Wikihow Cheat Sheet
WordPress 2.0 Plug in API
Zen HTML Elements Cheat Sheet
Zync-7000 (PDF)