Wyncode at the 2019 eMerge Americas Conference
Wyncode at the 2019 eMerge Americas Conference

eMerge Americas 2019 was a blast - from being able to meet all the attendees at our booth, having our students and alumni there, to sitting in on the great panels and hosting our own Texpert Talk with our Hiring Partners from Magic Leap, Ultimate Software and Yellow Pepper - hosted by Wyntalent.

eMerge Americas + Wyncode HACKATHON: Technology That is Connecting Miami To The World

138 Web Developers and UXUI Designers came together and formed 28 teams that - for 12 hours - worked together to create amazing technology to #ConnectMiami to the world. We are so proud of the incredible tech created in our 4th Hackathon with eMerge Americas, in partnership with General Electric, Ultimate Software and Ford.

How I became a Full-Stack Web Developer in 6 months by Wyncoder Jide Delano

Are you wondering how I did it? Keep reading. Once I decided to become a web developer, the rest became history.

Coding Bootcamps. What are they, and are they right for you?

Our Wyncoder Jide Delano shared his experience going through a military bootcamp training and how he related that to his experience on our 10 Week Web Development bootcamp program. He also details the different aspects you should consider when choosing the right bootcamp for you.

#ConnectingMiami to the World, a Hackathon by e-Merge Americas + Wyncode

Wyncode Academy is thrilled to host the eMerge Americas Hackathon and this year it is extra special, as we are launching a new model of collaboration between Web Developers and Product Designers. The theme of the Hackathon about technology that is ‘Connecting Miami to the world’, in hopes of fostering great collaboration and creating amazing technology that transcends. This event is sponsored by General Electric, Ultimate Software and Ford Motor Company.

Future Leaders of Miami Tech Spring Fellows Selected!

Wyncode and it partners, Knight Foundation and Microsoft, are so excited and proud to announce the 3 fellows selected for our Spring Fellowship. After a thorough selection process from over a hundred applicants, a panel of judges selected: Calvin Mitchell, Yujailec Benitez and Ignacio Paricio. Upon completing the program these fellows will go on to join the teams of Lavu Inc and Watsco. Congratulations!

Teaching Functional Programming: The Missing Big Pictures

Functional Programming (FP) has been around just as long if not longer than Object-Oriented Programming (OOP), but it’s only (relatively) recently gaining in popularity, particularly in the JavaScript community. Why?