From Chef, to Marketer, to Paralegal, to Web Developer, meet Laz Quintana
From Chef, to Marketer, to Paralegal, to Web Developer, meet Laz Quintana

Lazaro Quintana, better known as Laz, is a graduate of Wyncode Academy’s 33rd cohort in Miami. Laz has a colorful past in the sense that’s he’s worked a wonderful variety of different careers. He graduated from the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu as a chef. In his own words, Laz “can cook.”

Meet Zhanna, a Lynn + Wyncode graduate

Meet Zhanna Kussainova, polyglot, and Solutions Manager extraordinaire. Zhanna is a graduate of the joint program between Lynn University and Wyncode Academy. She attended Wyncode as a part of her MBA program at Lynn, a partnership which you can read more about here.

New Year, New Head Instructor!

Wyncode is thrilled to announce that Miami Tech OG Ernie Hsiung has joined as our new Head Instructor for our Full Stack Web Development program.

Who learns to code part-time at Wyncode?

Ever thought about learning to code at Wyncode, but can’t make the full time commitment? Well, you’re not alone. As we prepare for our next cohort, we wanted to learn more about what type of students enroll in our part time programs, what they do, and what makes them tick. We interviewed three students in our Part-Time Front End Web Development course: Nelson Parra, Monica Mora, and Will Gendron. We and quickly realized they represented three types of people who choose to enroll in our part-time programs.

What It’s Like to Interview a Wyncoder

We’ve all gone through the interview process at some point. We’ve all sat in that chair, nervous, fixing our collars, wondering what the interviewer thinks of us. Do they like your shirt? Do they like your resume? Do they think you’re up for the job?


Wyncode's Art Basel Experience

One week ago, on December 6th, we hosted one of our biggest events yet: Behind the Scenes of a Digital Product, an Art Basel Experience.

From Audio Engineer to Web Developer, Meet Addison Grillo

Meet Addison Grillo, a Berklee College of Music Graduate turned Full Stack Web Developer. In his own words, Addison has turned his skills for troubleshooting audio equipment into skills for debugging and building software quickly and efficiently.