Miami: USA’s cultural and business gateway to Latin America
Miami: USA’s cultural and business gateway to Latin America

Miami has been called the “Capital of Latin America.” Cubans, Venezuelans, Colombians, Brazilians, Puerto Ricans, and many others call the Magic City home. While historically many have come to Miami to visit South Beach, own a beachfront property, or have quick access to Cuban coffee, today businesses are finding there are many more reasons to make Miami home.

Dear Product Designer, do you speak Developer?

A piece on collaboration between UXUI + Web Dev cohorts, and how we worked our way slowly to a proven model. Here at Wyncode Academy we practice what we preach. As the Head Instructor for the UXUI Immersive Program I am constantly reminding students to iterate on their designs with solid user feedback and data.

A letter to Women in Tech

Our instructor Cece Claridge coined a letter for her students at our first ever all-women cohort which just completed 10 weeks of web development training. It gave us chills when she read it at their Pitch Night, so we figured we’d share it with the rest of the Wynfam.

From Chef to Web Developer, Meet Josh Del Sesto

Many different roads can lead to a career in technology, which is the case of Josh - a Chef turned Web Developer - who now combines both, his passion for Tech and his Culinary expertise. Learn more about his journey here.

We Partnered with Broward College!

Broward College Partners with Wyncode to Enhance Bachelor of Applied Science in Information Technology Curriculum. Workshops will provide students with New Educational Opportunities in Information Technology.

Wyncode (en Español) with Telemundo.

Existen carreras para todos y en esta academia puedes obtener un título en tan solo 10 semanas especializándose en programas de computación en Wyncode.

From Fashion Merchandise to UXUI Product Designer, Meet Lily Malykhina.

Fashion, eCommerce, and now UX/UI - Lily Malykhina can do it all. After enjoying a taste of website design during an assignment at her eCommerce job, she began to reconsider the direction of her career, and how she could break into tech. Now Lily is a UX/UI Designer at InRhythm doing consulting work for American Express.