From Economics to Software Engineer, Meet Tommy Suwunrut.
From Economics to Software Engineer, Meet Tommy Suwunrut.

Tommy Suwunrut graduated with an Economics and Marketing degree from the University of Miami, when he decided to transition into a career in tech. He is now an Associate Software Engineer at CareCloud - one of Miami’s top leading tech companies.

Our Full Stack Curriculum, Week by Week with Andy Weiss

Our Head Instructor Andy Weiss walks us through our 10 Week Immersive program curriculum.

From Community Manager to UXUI Expert, Meet Lauren Winston

UXUI Alumn and Wyncoder Lauren Winston first started her journey into tech as a community manager for nonprofit and culture organizations. Now, she is a UXUI Designer at City Furniture.

The importance of a 50-50 male - female enrollment at a coding school.

Wyncode is an advocate of closing the gap for women in tech - and these are just some of the ways in which we are working towards that goal.

MarketWatch: 5 cool coding schools and boot camps that are diversifying tech

These days, knowing how to code is almost as important as knowing how to tie your shoes or brush your teeth. As technology becomes more integral to every industry, coding skills have become an extremely valuable asset to job seekers across the board.

Why the Summer is the best time to learn code or UXUI.

Unsure about your summer plans? Listen up high-school, college students, educators or anyone looking for a new career in 2019 - this is your moment. The Summer is traditionally known as a time for rest and relaxation, most people use their vacation time, many companies even celebrate ‘summer Fridays’ - all of these are indication that the summer is a time to pause and indulge.

From Art to Software Developer, Meet Wyncoder Ana Gonzalez.

Ana Gonzalez earned a Bachelor in Fine Arts with a focus in Painting and Graphic Design, but as she envisioned her career, she knew she wanted to get into technology. Learn how Wyncode’s Full Stack Web Development bootcamp helped her transform her career and land a role at one of Miami’s Tech Healthcare companies.