Remote work amid the Coronavirus pandemic
Remote work amid the Coronavirus pandemic

It’s official– the novel coronavirus has changed the world. Across the globe, organizations are running to set up their remote capabilities and train employees on a new way of working, all in the name of pandemic prevention.

Miami Tech State of the Union: 10 Trends

By Cece Claridge, Product Developer

How one Wyncoder has navigated her tech career after graduating

Meet Carmen Leander, a Software Product Manager and certified Scrum Master who, in her words, is passionate about working with cross-functional teams to build awesome products.

From Chef, to Marketer, to Paralegal, to Web Developer, meet Laz Quintana

Lazaro Quintana, better known as Laz, is a graduate of Wyncode Academy’s 33rd cohort in Miami. Laz has a colorful past in the sense that’s he’s worked a wonderful variety of different careers. He graduated from the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu as a chef. In his own words, Laz “can cook.”

Meet Zhanna, a Lynn + Wyncode graduate

Meet Zhanna Kussainova, polyglot, and Solutions Manager extraordinaire. Zhanna is a graduate of the joint program between Lynn University and Wyncode Academy. She attended Wyncode as a part of her MBA program at Lynn, a partnership which you can read more about here.