A Love Letter To Wyncode (from a current UX/UI Student)
A Love Letter To Wyncode (from a current UX/UI Student)

I’m so happy to be given the opportunity to write about my experience as an UX/UI student at Wyncode Academy. I am only half way through, and I already feel my perspective on life in general has changed. Sounds powerful?

Meet George Romero, Wyncoder hired by USDEVCO

Transforming our student’s career and the direction of their lives is the primary drive for everything we do here at Wyncode. We particularly enjoy getting to know our students and seeing how they plan to put into use this new knowledge that they learned in a short window of 10 weeks.

How Can I Pay for My Wyncode Education?

We know that a new start can be costly, even when the investment is totally worth it. To make it more accessible to you, we have lined up different options for financing your education. Here is a breakdown of the ways in which you can pay for Wyncode:

#MoveTheDial Stories: Johanna Mikkola

We were thrilled to be a part of the #movethedial Stories event hosted by UBS in New York City on September 20th. There our co-founder and CEO, Johanna Mikkola got a chance to talk about the impact that Wyncode is making in Miami’s tech ecosystem, our plans to continue to close the gap for women in tech roles and her experience transitioning from a more corporate world to launching her own startup.

Academic Work + Wyncode

In January 2017, Wyncode Academy was honored to receive a one million dollar investment from Academic Work. With an annual revenue of over 300 million dollars, Academic Work is Sweden’s largest staffing and recruitment firm with operations all across Northern and Central Europe. Since then, Wyncode has continued to work closely with Academic Work in order to align our goals and projections with that of our sister organization.

Status Codes and Wynterviews

Which status code refers to an HTTP request that failed due to an error with the server? Yomairy Peña, previously a Patient Access Representative at Memorial Regional Hospital, entered the conference room as the first interviewee. A few weeks earlier, she would have had no clue what an HTTP request even was. Now she was sitting across the table from two campus directors for a New York-based IT company with 500 million dollars in yearly revenue. Fifteen minutes later, Yomairy walked out of the room with a smile on her face and confidence in her stride.

90% of 2017 Job Seeking Wyncoders Got Hired!

Wyncode Academy, the 10-week coding bootcamp based in Miami, this week released its latest Job Placement Report, taking into account all students who graduated from the program in 2017 and tracking whether they found employment through Sept. 17. Miami- based public accounting firm MBAF was tapped to complete study.