What is Conversational UX?
What is Conversational UX?

Conversational UX is when the digital product embraces a more human like relationship with the user employing chat, or a dialog like set of interactions in a system, user cadence. For example, rather than filling out a form one could answer a series of questions and depending on answers provided, the user will get served relevant options, communicating key information along the way. Ideally it ends in a transaction, lead, or conversion.

So You Want to Become a Developer? Start Here (Part 1)

Coding bootcamps have become all the rage the past few years. They truly seem like something magical. “Become a web developer in 10 weeks!”, say all the ads and headlines. The claims are incredible, and the results speak for themselves. If you succeed at a bootcamp, you will most likely succeed in getting a job as a developer.

How to Prepare for Pitch Night

As we get closer to another Pitch Night (or Pitch Waffle Morning in the case of C29), we thought it would be useful to share some quick tips that can make a world of a difference for our Wyncoders or anyone looking to present in front of an audience.

From Sales to Web Developer to Sandals.com

Meet Raul Martinez, a previous medical devices salesman, who enrolled in Wyncode in 2017, completed our Full Stack Web Development program and is now one of the Front End Web Developers tasked with handling the maintenance and updates of www.sandals.com - a magnate of the tourism industry.

A Love Letter To Wyncode (from a current UX/UI Student)

I’m so happy to be given the opportunity to write about my experience as an UX/UI student at Wyncode Academy. I am only half way through, and I already feel my perspective on life in general has changed. Sounds powerful?

Meet George Romero, Wyncoder hired by USDEVCO

Transforming our student’s career and the direction of their lives is the primary drive for everything we do here at Wyncode. We particularly enjoy getting to know our students and seeing how they plan to put into use this new knowledge that they learned in a short window of 10 weeks.

How Can I Pay for My Wyncode Education?

We know that a new start can be costly, even when the investment is totally worth it. To make it more accessible to you, we have lined up different options for financing your education. Here is a breakdown of the ways in which you can pay for Wyncode: