The Best Ruby on Rails Content Management Systems

Written by wyncode on 20th August 2014, 11:24 AM

There are more content management systems (CMSs) out there than can be counted on any given person’s fingers and toes. There’s even some platforms that were originally intended to be one thing, for example WordPress blogs, that have been heavily modified to become CMSs.

Why are these platforms so desirable? It’s because they give the common person the ability to create pages, design entire websites and even create entirely new layouts without ever having to touch HTML code or to mess with any programming.Believe it or not, they’re what most big companies use as their backends to run their websites.Where does Ruby on Rails come in regarding this? The simple answer is that Rails-based CMSs tend to run better while having all the advantages that programming in Rails brings. This makes them desirable by start-ups and big businesses alike, especially when it comes to implementing new functionality in the form of plugins and altered code.

The best way to understand why Rails is so desirable for CMSs is to take a look at some of the best Rails content management systems out there. We’ve gathered a list of the best Ruby on Rails CMSs below.

1. Radiant CMS

Radiant is likely the most popular open-source CMS written in Rails. It provides users with a simple and elegant interface that allows them to create pages, to perform administrator duties and to design layouts using HTML and CSS.

The flexible file structure, ability to create dynamic plugins, smart page caching and implementation of text filters are likely what makes this CMS so popular to use for people who already know a bit about Rails.

2. Skyline CMS

Skyline is easy for developers and users to use. It offers a sleek but flexible interface that allows for its functionality to be expanded using Rails-based plugins.

Skyline offers SEO-friendly layouts for pages and content right out of the box, which makes it even more widely appealing.

3. Refinery CMS

Refinery is yet another open-source CMS that provides support for Ruby on Rails 3. It’s preferred among small and medium businesses due to the minimal technical knowledge required to make content that looks astounding for customers to view.

The variety of languages offered by Refinery, the sleek interface and the active community that supports this CMS are among its most notable advantages.

4. Casein CMS

Casein is a lightweight and open-source CMS designed to offer users a clean interface with minimal overhead. The secure user authentication system, high degree of customization that the UI offers and the “less is more” attitude employed by its developers makes this one of the preferred Rails CMSs for people that need a barebones solution that they can mold into what they want.

5. Adva-cms

Adva is an open-source Rails CMS designed to act as more than just a simple CMS. It offers blog, wiki and forum functionality all in one platform. With the ability to implement custom themes, strict spam filters, member roles, scalability and multilingual support, Adva is an often overlooked yet extremely powerful and versatile Rails-based CMS.