The Best Jobs of 2015

Written by wyncode on 12th January 2015, 10:00 AM

2015 brings us to a year of interesting and emerging careers with the usual medical fields still in the top categories there are some new contenders in this year’s best jobs:

Software Engineer

Skilled programmers capable of taking company’s vision and coding them into working applications, web programs and software. Working either on the systems side maintain the networks or in development helping create the programs the company will eventually sell.

Computer Analyst

Skilled in both computers and management these applicants will manage the teams of developers and coordinate the building of systems and programs to assist the project. Strong detailed management and consultation skills help you chances in this field.


While doctors and nurses work long hours, dentists enjoy set schedules and regular patients. Large amounts of schooling and training will prepare a dentist for a regular schedule of appointments and fillings at an attractive salary.

Nurse Practitioner

A useful jack of all trades within the medical field Nurse Practitioners enjoy working both beside doctors and alone, seeing patients without the need for additional physician appointments. Growth is expected to increase each year with a limited unemployment rate.


Customer service skills, trained knowledge in drug interactions and technical organization are all excellent skills for pharmacists who fill patient’s prescriptions and provide advice on drug interactions and topical treatments.

Information Security Analyst

With their primary focus on the safety of information within computer networks, information security analysts help insure that information and security protocols are maintained. They work with companies and the government to help reduce the risk of cyber-attacks and minimize damage caused by leaks.

Database Administrator

A job requiring the set-up of databases and then the management of the files and items within the database to fill the companies or individual’s needs.

Physician’s Assistant

Working directly under a physician by interpreting X-rays, blood tests, patient’s recovery and performing routine exams while treating simple ailments and problems.

Market Research Analyst

Researches and studies the habits and buying patterns of the market consumer making recommendations based on the scope and needs of the company. Advises companies on how to market, package and sell their products.

Civil Engineer

Through construction, planning and repairs, civil engineers build the bridges, buildings and roads that we use every day. With technical knowledge and good work ethics Civil Engineers earn a comfortable salary and get to enjoy their work every day.