Our Graduates

We pre-screen our students based on an exhibition of potential. Wyncode Academy graduates are skilled coders, hard workers, team players, and leaders, making them indispensable to any team they join.

Our Results

We've created leaders who bring massive value to the companies that hire them. For zero cost you can subvert the expensive headhunter paradigm and find the hottest new talent in the local tech community.

Our Web Stack

We teach our students the fundamentals of code. That means a solid background from renowned instructors, allowing there to be no limit as to what skills and languages could be picked up moving forward. Although we focus on Ruby, Rails, Javascript, HTML, and CSS, Wyncode graduates are currently working across various languages. Our program is deliberately designed to give our students a strong foundation to be built upon throughout their career.

Planning for the Long Run

An awesome concept that we have seen prove remarkable results for our hiring partners is to hire two junior developers for every senior developer brought on board. Companies such as Kipu Systems, which has hired nine Wyncoders and counting, are witnessing a massive return on investment in the long run as their senior staff shapes their junior developers in their mold.

Having junior developers on a team fosters a culture of learning and teaching. Whether you decide to become our hiring partner or not, we recommend this strategic practice moving forward for anyone looking to mold the culture of excellence in their company.

Pitch Day

Wyncode's web immersive program reaches it's climax on Pitch Day, an event where Wyncoders present their final full stack web applications to Hiring Partners and the South Florida tech community. Wyncode's Pitch Days are set in an open forum format and regularly welcome over 250 people. You can see first-hand the quality of their skills in addition to their creativity as a full stack developer. Additionally, you can get a feel for each Wyncoder's personality and possible fit for your company, as everyone helps present on Pitch Day.


If you are looking to hire now, the best way to do it is through Wynterviews, an informal group interview in a setting that helps you meet possible hires from Wyncode. Generally, Wynterviews take 3-4 hours and start with you giving a talk about your company, followed by 10-15 minute informal interviews with 3-4 students at a time. Wynterviews take place in weeks 7-9 of our program so students have already built a portfolio to share with you.

Guest Speaking Opportunities

Wyncode brings in industry speakers every week to talk about their experiences. Our Wyncoders love to hear about guests’ company culture, successes, challenges, and of course what you are looking for when hiring a Junior Web Developer.

Get First Dibs On The Hottest New Talent On The Tech Scene.

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What Our Hiring Partners Are Saying

I interviewed people with Computer Science degrees who I was not as impressed as I was with some Wyncoders who had no or little work experience and no education directly in computer science. I think it's the way society is evolving and I love that we're changing in that direction. Welcome to the future!

Ben Williams

Watsco Ventures hired 4 Wyncoders and they are doing amazing. They pick up on new skills very quickly and are a great fit culturally. We are super happy with them and we're excited to grow our Innovation Lab team with future hires from Wyncode. Kudos to Juha, Jo and the whole Wyncode team. You guys offer a ton of value in the Miami ecosystem.

Ivan Rapin-Smith

Some of the students we've hired have had degrees in Economics or English before they went to Wyncode. The majority of the senior developers on our team do have an engineering or computer science degree, but ultimately, it doesn't scare me to hire a Wyncoder. We put new hired on a 90 day trial period and if they're knocking it out of the park then I want to keep them on and continue with them. We haven't had to let anybody go, so I think we're doing a good job hiring!

Bryan Dennstedt
Former CTO at MD LIVE

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