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Most Beautiful Mobile Websites of 2014

Written by wyncode on 18th July 2014, 5:23 PM

Today, many people browse the world wide web almost entirely from small mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones, yet most of the web is not designed with these kinds of devices in mind. While many businesses are beginning to realize the importance of catering to a mobile audience, many only do so poorly or only as an afterthought. That is why when a website creates a truly excellent experience for mobile visitors, they have a tendency to stand out.

The organizations below have each managed to create a mobile web presence that stands out by being attractive, clean, easy to navigate, and still provide useful information or efficient sales platforms.

IFC manges to provide their mobile viewers with all the features that are available from desktop browsers, including streaming of original content, up-to-date TV schedules, and plenty of fun, entertainment news and gossip via their blog. They do this with a presentation that feels completely native to mobile devices while still projecting the unique character of IFC.

Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh
Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh uses a well-organized grid system for their mobile site, that allows them to pack an enormous amount of information and news about their programs and events into the site while still being easily readable on devices of all shapes and sizes.

Adobe’s mobile website excels at prominently showcasing the company’s featured products while minimizing anything that might be a distraction. Large promotions for Adobe’s cloud-based products and services appear directly on the front page, making it easy for potential customers to find all the information they need to be converted into actual

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that trendy watch and accessory maker Nixon should round out the list of this year’s best mobile websites. After all, if there is one thing the folks at Nixon understand, it is design. Their mobile website is second to none in its simplicity, understated presentation, intuitive navigation, and its speed and responsiveness. Nixon has clearly put as much consideration into their mobile web presence as they have in their own products.

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