I’m so happy to be given the opportunity to write about my experience as an UX/UI student at Wyncode Academy. I am only half way through, and I already feel my perspective on life in general has changed. Sounds powerful?

This is my story, but it could also be yours.

I first learned about Wyncode while browsing online for UX/UI courses. I have tried online classes before, and I knew this time I wanted a full immersive experience. I personally like the idea of working and interacting with a team of talented people. Little did I know those are the characteristics that set Wyncode Academy apart from the rest. At Wyncode, It’s all about team-culture.

After earning a BA on International Relations, I started working for an NGO producing content and publishing digital reports and newsletters. That was my first contact with the digital world, and I was soon enchanted by it.

Throughout the years, I experienced how fast-paced the digital world is, and how we (the creators) have to constantly adapt if we want to stay on the loop. Moreover, design and language have never been more relevant in the field of computer science as they are today, and that is where UX/UI comes into play.

I had many ideas and dreams before starting the UX/UI Immersive course, and now, only 4 weeks after, I have a vision of how I am going to get there. This fast paced environment is no longer intimidating because I have been taught how to set the pace. Throughout the entire course I have been learning about different digital product design methodologies and frameworks that will help me adapt and deliver results in alignment with different deadlines.

In my free time, I used to browse online for “cool website designs” and think of how much I would love to be able to design them, but what I didn’t know is that a “cool design” does not necessarily means a “good design”, and a “digital product” is not necessary a “website”. During the UX/UI Course at Wyncode Academy you learn how to do both. Behind every good design there is a process, a pattern, and the merging of two points. What the product is about, and what the user needs. You will learn to design experiences, focusing on satisfaction while using techniques and tools to produce digital designs.



Are you a good fit for this? Most certainly the answer is yes because anyone with the right determination, availability and effort will be.

I wouldn’t be able to share my full experience at Wyncode Academy without talking about the environment, the staff, the teachers and their assistants, and of course - our dear friends from Web-Dev. Yes! It’s a full package. If you are reading this, you will probably have many more questions, and the great news is that there is a fully dedicated admissions team to guide, support and help you understand how it all works. They will remember your name, and remind everyone else about it too ☺

No worries, by the end of Week 1 everybody will know who you are and vice versa. Because of Wyncode’s campus distribution and layout, you will run into everyone during coffee & lunch breaks or after hours (Come take a peak, and you’ll understand).

What is Web Dev.? Those are our colleagues and peers. They are Web Development students who are very passionate and proud about coding. They are fun, and do not fit in any kind of stereotype you may hear out there. Interacting with them is a great opportunity to understand better what coding is about, and to practice / envision a real-life scenario with cross-functional teams.

Let’s go into our classroom.

Who is Gessica? She is our mentor, and teacher. One of the most inspiring women I have ever met. She has gained a lot of knowledge throughout her experience in the UX/UI field, and she is ready to share it all with you. Gessica will surprise you every day, and she will teach you how to use all the tools you need to become a great UX/UI Designer. She will give you the space you need to try out things on your own, and allow you to make mistakes, while monitoring very closely as you learn from them and try again. She will understand your value, and help you understand it for yourself.


Gessica Tortolano and Daniella de Sostoa

Meet the TA’s - Calvin, Frank and Clara. They are genuine, unique, PATIENT, and extremely talented individuals. They will teach you how to use very specific tools, and support / guide you through the entire process. Keep in mind that they have been through what you will be going through, so they can very much relate to your experience in every step of the way.

The UX/UI students - They are my classmates and friends. For 8 weeks, I get to work, collaborate and hangout with them throughout the entire day. It is very encouraging to study and work with such a diverse group of people, each with their own qualities and stories. If you are as lucky as I am, you will get to work with extremely talented individuals who on an indirect way will push you to become even better.

There is no better way to end my story than talking about the founders of Wyncode Academy: Jo & Juha Mikkola. You can research about them, but you may not find what I am about to tell you. They are SUPER COOL! They believe in the process, and they will believe in you too. They are humble, genuine and ready to offer support in anything related to the program, the process, and job hunt.

I wish I had more time to continue sharing my story, but it’s getting late and I have to get ready for my MVP Session tomorrow. Sounds interesting?

You could be doing this too.


Daniella de Sostoa