Written by Administrator on 17th November 2015, 4:12 PM

Last week I had the pleasure of speaking at the launch of AdMobilize’s new MATRIX Internet of Things device KickStarter campaign. I felt the event represented a turning point for #MiamiTech — Rodolfo Saccoman and his team at AdMobilize did a great job curating a group of MiamiTech leaders to introduce him, which I was fortunate to be a part of. In this blog post, I wanted to highlight some of the things Rodolfo asked me to talk about, and add in a few of the challenges MiamiTech is facing that I didn’t have time to address on stage. Hopefully you’ll enjoy this post.


Thank you to Rodolfo and the entire AdMobilize team for having me at the event, my co-speakers Nancy Dahlberg (Miami Herald ), Peter Martinez (RefreshMiami), Nabyl Charnia (Rokk3rLabs) and Xavier Gonzalez (eMerge Americas) and of course the Miami Tech community for coming out big for the event. Don’t forget to contribute to the KickStarter campaign and help make the MATRIX real!12195104_616155465189401_6025496690798050487_o



What strides is Miami making in our area of focus?

Juha/ Wyncode:

Well, Miami’s changing. The tech scene is growing and it’s becoming real.

What do I mean by real?

What I mean by real is that companies aren’t just saying that they’re tech companies… then turning around and outsourcing their development outside of the country or having their dev teams located somewhere else.

We’re starting to see companies that previously outsourced realize that the developer talent they need is right here in South Florida.

Young and hungry entry level developers who can do a lot more than you think…. for a lot less than you think. Its developer talent many didn’t even know was here: lawyers, accountants and people working as a concierge, chef, or a musician all learning to code.

So the companies hire them and bring that talent in house. They develop the talent, they nurture it, they teach them their company culture. The developers now understand their product. And that divide between “developers” sitting somewhere off site     and the rest of your team — is gone. You’re now a much stronger team and  a tech company that truly owns the app creation process.

That ability to build and create here is super important for Miami Tech to continue growing.

AdMobilize: What is the state of Miami entrepreneurship/tech?

Juha/ Wyncode: We find it thrilling. We’re working with over 200 companies that are looking to hire. Over 50 have hired a Wyncoder, 19 have more than one, and our top 5 hiring partners have 5 Wyncoders each.

This to us shows real growth in Miami Tech. These are real people being hired for real jobs, with real salaries and real benefits.

Whether you’re looking to be a coder or run a startup this is the place to do it and the time is now.

Admobilize: Are we without Issues in Miami tech?

No, we do have challenges!

Access to senior talent is one. Recruiting this talent is the only way to fill the number of senior roles that need filling fast. It’s needed to teach junior devs to be better. We all need to be ambassadors to attract this talent to Miami until our entry-level devs are ready to take the reigns.

Funding is the other issue. It’s still way too hard to raise money for a start up here. So get your rich real estate friends to invest in a start up. They are going to love it.

AdMobilize: Why do you think what AdMobilize is doing is helping push Miami forward?

That’s an easy one to answer. AdMobilize is a MiamiTech success story. It’s an inspiration to the startups here. And for future startups to form.

It’s an honor to work with Rodolfo and his crew. He doesn’t just invest in his company but in the community by being very giving with his time.

With events like the Matrix launch it shows that AdMobilize cares about the ecosystem and is making it stronger.

As we saw with his intro and if you have ever seen Rodolfo on a panel, you know that he always brings the energy to the room in a big way, so I know we are in for a treat tonight.

Thanks again for having me here to be a part of it all. Now let’s get on with the show!