In January 2017, Wyncode Academy was honored to receive a one million dollar investment from Academic Work. With an annual revenue of over 300 million dollars, Academic Work is Sweden’s largest staffing and recruitment firm with operations all across Northern and Central Europe. Since then, Wyncode has continued to work closely with Academic Work in order to align our goals and projections with that of our sister organization.

In particular, three key executives from AWX — the start-up incubator arm of Academic Work – joined Wyncode’s Board of Directors to facilitate our growth and guide our company vision over the coming years. AWX has invested in a total of five companies in Europe and (now) America, focusing on organizations that seek to find and grow talent. Wyncode represents their entrance into the US market and as part of that effort they plan to support and help Wyncode scale as an extension of Academic Work.


This September, the entire Wyncode team was invited to Sweden to participate in Academic Work’s 20th Anniversary Conference, providing us with an amazing opportunity to learn more about our sister organization and the direction they planned to pursue over the next several years. For many members of the team, it also afforded us a chance to meet many of our Academic Work colleagues and discuss with them our common goals and objectives as well as the challenges of discovering and training great people.

Our trip began with a visit to the offices of Academic Work in the Vasastan neighborhood of Stockholm. During the workday, we held our Third Quarter Offsite meeting in order to discuss long-term strategy and vision for Wyncode and Wyntalent, specifically how to further enrich and strengthen our community of students and alumni; as part of these proceedings, we invited Johan Kyllerman, CEO of Academic Work X, to speak with us about his goals and objectives for our sister organization and how we can work together to achieve those proposed results.


That evening, we participated in a presentation with all the companies under the Academic Work X umbrella: Digitalent, Happo, Instajobs, the Academy, and lastly Wyncode and Wyntalent. It was a great opportunity to meet people from all across the organization and learn how our companies are striving to develop human growth and potential in myriad ways. Even though our approaches may differ, the common theme was that we look for talent and try to develop it.

The next day was the Academic Work 20th Anniversary Conference at the Stockholm Waterfront Building. There were over 1200 employees in attendance from Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, Finland, Norway, and Sweden. Johan Skarborg, Group CEO and Co-founder, along with other key members of the Leadership team presented on various aspects of the company — core values, corporate social responsibility, financial goals, among many other things. One thing we learned from the conference is that Academic Work plans to reach $1 billion in revenue by 2022. This is a very ambitious goal, but well within the company’s current trajectory.


Once the conference ended, we had a few hours to prepare ourselves for the Evening Gala in Stockholm City Hall, site of the annual Nobel Prize banquet. This was a fantastic end to the day. We were regaled with several rounds of Swedish cuisine, multiple varieties of wine, and many, many renditions of EuroVision songs. It was a vivid reminder of Academic Work’s international scope and soaring ambitions, but it also confirmed that Academic Work is a great partner to have as Wyncode continues to grow and expand upon its core programs and offerings. We could not be happier to have their resources and expertise behind us as we move forward.

And if you would like to see more, check out this brief recap video of all the festivities.