Why Code?

Technology is disrupting every industry. Whether you want to start your own tech company or work within the technology sector, learning to code in South Florida will open doors. Now is the time to code.


Computer science jobs are growing at two times the national average.


The technology sector is at the center of economic growth across the globe


Computer programmers earn an average of $1,218 a week and software engineers earn $1,549 a week, among the highest paid professionals in the country.

The Wyncode Academy Vision


Wyncode Academy’s curriculum is based on industry leading concepts and technologies. Your typical day begins with an instructor-led session about a particular concept followed by time to apply what you have learned in a practical, project-based example – often mimicking websites or popular web applications that you already know and use. The days are capped off with business development and mentoring sessions.


While at Wyncode Academy, you will be surrounded by like-minded, motivated and inspirational individuals who want to make a dent in the universe and transition to the tech industry. Wyncode Academy’s students are varied in age, background and nationality. We encourage people of diverse backgrounds to apply as unique viewpoints and skillsets make successful developers. We also encourage international students to participate in the program.

Pitch Day

The program culminates in deploying your own web application, which you will create in a group with a fellow student or two. You will connect with a local business, artist or not for profit organization and develop a real program for real users. You will demo and pitch your idea in front of some of the leaders in South Florida's tech scene, preparing you for your new career.

The Team

Juha Mikkola

Founder & E-Commerce Entrepreneur

With close to two decades of startup experience and a proven track record of success.

Johanna Mikkola

Co-Founder & Managing Director

A senior management professional with over a decade of leadership and business experience.

Edward Toro

Head Instructor, Miami

MIT alma mater, development & start up veteran and tech community leader.

Auston Bunsen

Head Instructor, Fort Lauderdale

Former CTO of 1Sale and founder of Miami tech conference SuperConf

Miguel Cruz

Director of Hiring Partnerships

Gabe Noboa

Campus Director, Ft. Lauderdale

Matt Campbell

Director of Admissions

Bianca Monaco

Campus Director

Tim Reen

Product Developer

Bryce Kerley

Instructor & Teaching Assistant

Alberto Galvez

Teaching Assistant

Alex Miller

Teaching Assistant

Angel Vanegas

Teaching Assistant

Antonio Mañueco

Teaching Assistant

Dominique Miller

Teaching Assistant

Jon Rose

Teaching Assistant

Jose Cartagena

Teaching Assistant

Joseph Ciancio

Teaching Assistant

Krystal Klumpp

Teaching Assistant

Kyra Fillmore

Teaching Assistant

Mario Aguayo

Teaching Assistant

Sean Hendricks

Teaching Assistant

Matthew Roche

Teaching Assistant

Israel Martinez

Teaching Assistant

Shaun Appelbaum

Teaching Assistant

Jorge Naranjo

Teaching Assistant

Henry Arbolaez

Teaching Assistant

Jocelyn Caster


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The people at Wyncode do this for a living

The people at Wyncode do this for a living, they are not just teaching you to code, they are giving you the tools to make a change in your life for the better. It is tough, but if you believe you have the dedication and desire you can make it through and come out feeling like you have made a significant change in your life.

The curriculum was well structured

The curriculum was well structured and is continuously improving. You dive into code, learn as much as you can, you can’t expect to learn everything, but you will learn what is necessary to get started and begin your career.

I purposely came to Miami from New York to attend Wyncode

I purposely came to Miami from New York to attend Wyncode, and it has been a wonderful experience. As someone with zero coding experience, Wyncode’s 9-week intensive was ideal for me. Bootcamps which were 3+ months long didn’t appeal to me, as I didn’t want to invest too much time to begin with. Nine weeks was sufficient to dip my toes, get a great foundation, and gauge whether I enjoyed coding (which I totally do).

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