A Moment with LaunchCode

A Moment with LaunchCode

Written by wyncode on 4th March 2015, 3:57 PM

You attended Wyncode. You graduated a talented developer. Now what?

LaunchCode, a non-profit organization based in St. Louis, Missouri, is determined to mend the gap between skilled and eager technologists and top-level employers lacking talent. Co-founder, Jim McKelvey, has helped pave the way from knowledge and education to a job through LaunchCode. In regards to South Florida, McKelvey plans to double the percentage of coders that received jobs in St. Louis through LaunchCode. “Wyncode is a great resource for people in Miami who want a quick on-ramp to a programming career. It’s challenging and effective,” says McKelvey.

We were honored to interview LaunchCode’s South Florida Community Manager, Matt Mawhinney, who provided his insight on the up-and-coming organization:

1. What specific qualities does LaunchCode and/or employers look for in potential coding hires?

At LaunchCode we and our employers look for candidates who have a combination of foundational coding skills, an aptitude for problem solving, a passion for technology, and the drive to undertake the continuous learning involved in working as a developer.

2. What is the screening process for potential Launchcoders?

All LaunchCoders go through a multi-step screening process. The first step is filling out an online application that includes questions about your education, work experience, and coding skills. After that, applicants take an online coding assessment that tests them on fundamental computer science concepts like working with data structures and algorythmic problem solving. The final step in the process is an in-person interview in which we find out more about the applicant’s background, goals, and drive and do a live coding exercise.

3. What is the average wait time between a potential hire’s graduation and their placement in a company?

Generally speaking, we don’t provide candidates training. We work with candidates who have already been trained either through online resources, attending a bootcamp program, or in some cases, attending a formal degree program. Once we place someone in a LaunchCode apprenticeship, it generally takes 1-4 months before that person gets hired on as a full-time employee.

5. What do you think about Wyncode and it’s impact on Miami’s coding scene?

As a Wyncode graduate myself, I’ve seen both during my own cohort and with subsequent cohorts what Wyncode enables its students to do. Wyncode takes smart, determined individuals from various walks of life and helps turn them into coders who are becoming valuable parts of the dev teams at some of South Florida’s leading tech companies.

7. In regards to job interviews, what advice would you give Wyncoders?

As far as job interviews go, I’d tell Wyncoders to be prepared to talk about the projects you’ve worked on, to brush up on your fundamentals, and to tell your story.

8. We are looking forward to attending the Launch Party; what can we expect at this event?

For our launch party, we’ll have several of our 100 plus hiring partners on hand, along with business and community leaders including Mayor Carlos Gimenez. The launch party is our official “open for business” party that culminates 3 months of outreach to hiring and community partners and our pivot towards placing LaunchCoders into apprenticeships.

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