50 Tech Predictions About

50 Tech Predictions About “The Internet Of Things”

Written by wyncode on 18th June 2014, 3:59 PM

The Internet of Things, or IoT, is on its way. With Google Glass becoming a reality and devices like the Fitbit already laying the groundwork, more and more devices will become Internet-enabled. In a few years, nearly everything in the home or on your body will have the capability to use the Internet. Here are 50 predictions on what changes we’ll see when the IoT starts to take off.

1. It will include more than just wearables.

2. Hackers will be even more prevalent.

3. Adoption will be slow; prices have to fall first.

4. The IoT will make us more efficient.

5. The IoT might eventually be embedded in us physically.

6. Deployment will be exponential.

7. Public services (IE waste management) will benefit heavily.

8. Fitness will continue to be its most prominent use.

9. Devices will talk to each other.

10. Everything will become “smart.”

11. Smart clothing will top wearables.

12. It will lead to new encryption technologies.

13. It will need input from fashion designers.

14. Its impact on auto traffic will be incredible.

15. Physically embedded devices will arrive within five years.

16. Everyone will use it within 10 years.

17. Government agencies will race toward it.

18. IoT will provide comprehensive data on health.

19. User data will be tied to accounts such as Gmail.

20. Smart TVs were the tip of the iceberg.

21. Shoes will be on the IoT.

22. Those shoes will be huge.

23. A startup will drive the IoT’s success.

24. The major tech companies will copy it shamelessly.

25. Embedded devices will be slowed by the FDA.

26. It will take time to catch on in some countries.

27. IoT devices will communicate with emergency services.

28. We’ll all be in better shape.

29. Devices might be walled off depending on brand.

30. Android will reign supreme.

31. iOS won’t expand quickly enough.

32. A race to growth will mean security flaws.

33. Cellular companies are going to profit heavily.

34. You’ll never forget to do anything again.

35. It will save lives.

36. Senior citizens will adopt surprisingly early.

37. Police officers will love it.

38. Pro athletes will use it during games.

39. Injuries in pro sports will decrease.

40. It will be open.

41. Universal chips will let consumers buy and program their own IoT devices.

42. Number 41 will be a security disaster.

43. Military implementations are endless.

44. It will redefine big data and how it’s used.

45. Medicine and other industries will advance rapidly.

46. The Nest thermostat is just the beginning; homes will be on the Internet.

47. Prices will fall quickly.

48. Devices like the Jawbone Up will look clunky and primitive in just a few years.

49. The IoT will make life more predictable.

50. The IoT will speed up the use of biometrics.