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5 Apps for Making Project Development Easier

Written by wyncode on 16th July 2014, 5:13 PM

Project development is an incredibly challenging process, one that demands more time than most programmers have. Here are some of the best apps to help make project development easier, allowing programmers to continue working whenever they want.

Kodiak JavaScript

Kodiak JavaScript is a powerful offline development tool for Apple devices. It is compatible with HTML5, JavaScript IDE and CSS3. It includes an internal Webkit browser, an advanced keyboard within the editor and syntax highlighting. The most convenient feature is that it allows code to be run and tested without connecting to a server so anything can be built and tested whether there is an internet connection available or not. Kodiak also has another handy app, Kodiak PHP which is an offline PHP IDE that allows coding and running web applications without being connected to a server, similarly to Kodiak JavaScript.


DroidEdit is a very powerful source code editor compatible with Android devices, although it works best on tablets with external keyboards. This applications provide syntax highlighting for a variety of languages including C/C++, C#, Java, Javascript, HTML, SQL and Python. For only $1.69, the Pro version also includes support for Dropbox, SFTP, SSH and root mode. The most useful feature are the keyboard shortcuts included that provide instant access to a bevvy of commonly used programming symbols, making it extremely accessible and easy to use.

Database Viewer Plus

Database Viewer Plus is a handy app that allows a programmer to open a Windows-based database on an iPhone. Tables, queries and forms can be created from the phone and the app can be synced with fully functional database software like SQL Server and Oracle. Another handy feature is their desktop tool which allows the databases from the iPhone to easily be synced to a desktop or laptop.

Developers Tool Kit

This is a classic but simple app that is practically a must download for developers. It provides the UTF-8 and Unicode for any symbol you could want while building an application or website. It also includes a calculator within the application to provide quick calculations without having to switch between applications.


AIDE is an incredibly useful Android application development app that allows programmers to build an Android app right from their device, cutting out the need to use a computer of any kind. AIDE is compatible with project from Eclipse which allows projects to easily be transferred between mobile devices and computers. It is also compatible with Dropbox which allows users to back-up and save data in the cloud rather than using up their mobile devices storage.

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