We are excited to announce that we are introducing full-stack JavaScript to our Full-Stack Web Development course curriculum beginning in April of 2020. Based on new market data and direct input from our hiring partners, our new curriculum will shift focus from Ruby and Ruby on Rails toward a full-stack JavaScript curriculum, while still maintaining some OOP instruction.

In the past, our hiring partners valued students who understood Object Oriented Programming (OOP) and that is why Ruby and Ruby on Rails were taught in our curriculum. However, our most recent data has informed our decision to shift to full-stack JavaScript. While we are not changing everything in our current curriculum, we are updating parts of it to meet the needs of the current market.

Twice a year, we send out a survey to our wide network of over 350 hiring partners to ask: what do you need your tech talent to do? Through this survey we learn what tech their companies use and what skills they want their employees to have, and thus what Wyncoders need to learn. Our in-house curriculum experts update our programs four times a year based on emerging tech trends, student feedback and our hiring partners’ needs.

It is important to keep in mind that each company has its own tech stack. Our priority at Wyncode is to make sure our students understand the fundamentals of coding to be able to learn any language, that they possess the mindset to never stop learning, and that they have a strong network behind them.

At Wyncode, our biggest focus is always on our students and our hiring partners. Technology is always going to evolve and we will be right there with the changes.

If you have any questions about our curriculum updates, please reach out to our Admissions Team by scheduling a call here or emailing admissions@wyncode.co.