Dear community,

In our continuous mission to expand access to technology education, we have developed and are excited to announce the launch of Wyncode Remote! Wyncode’s premier accelerated learning program is officially available online starting with our April 2020 cohorts.

We are proud to be recognized globally for our amazing curriculum, massive hiring network, and for having the largest alumni base in South Florida–over 830 as of March 26! Up to this point, all Wyncode cohorts have been taught in person, but as the world is changing we are adapting with it. After all, necessity breeds innovation.

Wyncode Remote was initially launched as a result of COVID-19, and we are extremely excited to be able to offer it to you, starting with our upcoming cohorts that begin on April 20th. The positive feedback we have received from our most recent cohorts in just the first two weeks of remote learning has been exciting, to say the least. When asked what went great the first week of remote learning, Tristan Favard, of Full Stack Web Development Cohort 36 said, that going “remote [was] smooth transition.” Kristina Gros from UX/UI Cohort 09, said, “My instructor and TA’s were just as accessible remotely as they were in class, if not even more! I also loved listening to lectures while enjoying the nice weather outside on my porch.”

Carolina Klein of Full Stack Web Development C36 said, “I feel like we all bonded a lot more thanks to this experience, because in the mornings, we would all share a little bit about how things are going. In class, you would normally do that with your closest friends, or your row of classmates, but via Zoom, you talk to everyone at once.”

Elias Zabeneh, also of Full Stack Web Development C36 said, working remotely “actually makes it more equitable to schedule TA time” and Jaboa Howell of the same cohort said, “All of the TAs, whether they are working that day or not, are very responsive and helpful.” We also received positive feedback about the availability of fun Zoom backgrounds.

While we are expecting to be back in person for our upcoming cohorts, we are excited and prepared to deliver our award-winning program virtually and provide 100% of the Wyncode experience to our remote students. Starting in April all new incoming students will be able to choose between attending Wyncode in-person or remotely, regardless of if we are back on campus by then or not.

Enroll in our award-winning program and learn from our expert instructors from the comfort of your own home, or wherever in the world you are. Read more about Wyncode Remote here.