Lazaro Quintana, better known as Laz, is a graduate of Wyncode Academy’s 33rd cohort in Miami. Laz has a colorful past in the sense that’s he’s worked a wonderful variety of different careers. He graduated from the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu as a chef. In his own words, Laz “can cook.”

After working as a chef in South Florida, Laz worked as a paralegal, then a marketer, and he has since landed as a Full Stack Web Developer and is currently an Associate Instructor at Wyncode Academy.

Hear from the “Spirit of Wyncode” himself below.

What encouraged you to join Wyncode?

I joined Wyncode for the opportunity to better my life. I wanted to work in a field that would offer me a better quality of life, whether that means financially better or just to experience a much more rewarding day to day at work. I was inspired by friends that have been developers for a long time and my good friend who is an alumnus at Wyncode gave me that nudge I needed to come to it.

What were you doing prior to the program?

Before Wyncode I was working at a law firm for 3 and a half years, it was an interesting experience and I learned a lot about legal matters but ultimately I decided it was not for me.

Tell us about your experience at Wyncode. Is there anything you remember being extra hard or surprisingly easy?****

Persistence is key to doing well at Wyncode. You will be exposed to new concepts on a daily basis. It can get overwhelming if you do not prepare adequately. Andy was an amazing teacher and all the other instructors and teacher assistants do a great job to support the students, but as a student, you need to put your part and dedicate as much as you can to completing all your assignments and staying on track with the course. You need to ask questions (a lot of them!) and not be shy or hardheaded when it comes to admitting that something is too hard, or that you need help. The more you expose yourself to these concepts the easier it will get as the days march on. What you don’t understand today you will understand tomorrow!

What are some tips and hacks you learned in the program?

See above, just keep hammering away at the code, do not give up and always ask for help when you need it!

What role are you looking to get into in the tech field?

I hope to take the skills I am learning at Wyncode and develop them into becoming an awesome developer, whether it is working on front end or back end technologies. I do prefer front end work right now and have been preparing myself by further studying JavaScript and React so that I will be well prepared for any position in the future. Further on, I would love to make mobile games or possibly music-based apps…but one line of code at a time! I am aiming to make the most of my education.

What are you most hopeful about with your Web Dev career?

I know it will be hard work, but one day my skills will be so well developed that all of this will be second nature to me. I want to just be able to keep loving my work, create awesome apps and enjoy the spoils of my hard work and share them with my loved ones.

What are you working on now?

I am currently an Associate Instructor at Wyncode, where I enjoy giving back to our community, helping others learn and refining my coding skills. I continue to explore my options out in the South Florida tech world but I am very happy to be a part of the Wyncode family and see our coding community grow!