We’ve all gone through the interview process at some point. We’ve all sat in that chair, nervous, fixing our collars, wondering what the interviewer thinks of us. Do they like your shirt? Do they like your resume? Do they think you’re up for the job?

We talked to Wyncode alum Joshua Martinez, who recently interviewed another Wyncoder for a position at the company he works for. He told us a little about his experience, and what makes Wyncoders stand out during interviews. Find out what it’s like to interview a Wyncoder below!

What were you doing prior to the program? How does this experience relate to your new career path in tech?

Before Wyncode I was a Software QA Intern while finishing my BS Information Technology & Software. I was able to learn the fundamentals of programming and development along with the real world experience of working in a dev team in an agile environment.

When did you complete the program?

In the later end of August 2019

Where are you working now? What is your current role?

I currently work as a front end developer for MediXall. Specifically, I work with VueJS and sometimes dabble in some backend PHP stuff.

We know you’ve had to conduct interviews. How many have you done?

We’ve been conducting interviews as a team, but I am very involved. I want to say we’ve conducted about 4 interviews. Mostly for QA/Dev positions.

How do Wyncode alumni compare to non-Wyncoders?

It really varies on the individual, but I can say the one thing that stood out most to me is how much experience Wyncoders have working in group/dev team settings. Working with git and multiple branches, assigned tasks, communicating dependencies are extremely valuable experiences from Wyncode and one to definitely bring up during an interview. Also the more recent Alumni have the experience of working closely with product designers (UX/UI Students). Understanding one another goes a long way and makes the development process go much smoother.

What stands out most about Wyncode alumni? (You previously mentioned Wyncoders’ experience with working in group settings and with designers)

Besides what I already mentioned I haven’t seen anyone besides Wyncoders get into testing. While it’s not a deal breaker, it’s a great way to get a leg up on the competition, whether it be for a dev or QA role.

What do you think Wyncode alumni should highlight in interviews?

As corny as it sounds, if you can highlight the “Never Stop Learning” mentality then you should be off to a great start. I don’t mean casually learning. Employers want to hear that you’re a real go getter, always sharpening those tools and learning new tricks. Whether it be something like codewars, data structures, css, javascript, state management, mapbox etc. This is a career path that requires an always learning mentality because tech grows so rapidly.

What general tips do you have for Wyncoders going to their interviews?

Prep, prep, and more prep. Whatever the job title you’re applying for make sure you look up what that actually entails, best practices, tips, reviews, etc. You want to create as much rapport as possible and that means you have to speak the same language as the devs across from you. Look up the company, their mission, website, anything. Inspect their app/website. Put as much time and effort (maybe more) than you do when you are buying a new couch or TV. Also, non tech related, but be yourself and relax.

For those specifically looking for front end dev jobs, create to-do apps until you can do it blind. I know this sounds crazy, but doing so covers the fundamentals and learning a state management store such as redux would be a bonus.


Joshua currently works as a Front-end Web Developer at MediXall. He also encourages adding to your skillset—he’s currently learning Vue/Vuex, design patterns, and abstract reusable components with Vue.

If you want to connect with Joshua, reach out to him here. You can also see some of his work here.