Ana Triana is a Fashion Marketing consultant who moved from Cuba to Miami, and her passion for technology drew her to become a Web Developer. She now has her own tech consulting company and creates amazing websites for clients in the Fashion, Tech and Entertainment space.

Learn from Ana in her own words:

What was your career like prior to Wyncode?

My career prior to enrolling at Wyncode was pretty stagnant because marketing changed very quickly to new media and I did not have the right skills to keep up with the latest.


What encouraged you to join Wyncode? Did you know anything about coding prior to enrolling?

Nada! Zero!

I love tech and after learning about what wyncode was doing I was immediately drawn to it. Then I met the staff and took a sample class and I was hooked. Coding makes me feel empowered. I completed the program exactly one year ago. Prior to Wyncode I worked as a marketing consultant for private clients. Doing things like e-mail marketing and social media marketing. Today I can proudly say, I have built a dozen websites and control my time (life)!

From the first day I loved being a student. The standups, short team meetings while standing, are genius. The pace is fast, my brain was scrambling to keep up but concepts like Growth Mindset, helped me overcome so much! Wyncode is much more than just learning to code it’s learning to learn efficiently also.

**Any tips or tricks you can share with future students? **

Ask for help, communicate with other students, get out of your shell. Coding is a team effort. Start coding on codeacademy for a year first!

What is your life like now and what kind of projects do you work on?

I work with [interior decorator, artists, tv personalities] anyone who needs a website. I make my own hours and feel fulfilled seeing the websites come to life. It’s a delicate balance but it works for me and my family life. I have the freedom to choose when, where and who I want to work with. It never feels like work anymore.

I love being a woman in tech in Miami, this is such a vibrant community, and it is slowly growing. There are a lot of scholarships now and it’s showing how many women are interested!

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