Tommy Suwunrut graduated with an Economics and Marketing degree from the University of Miami, when he decided to transition into a career in tech. He is now an Associate Software Engineer at CareCloud - one of Miami’s top leading tech companies.

Learn about Tommy Suwunrut journey in his own words.

What inspired you to join Wyncode?

There were a number of reasons that led me to Wyncode, from not knowing what I wanted to do after graduation, uncertainties in the job market, and just a desire to continue learning.

Before Wyncode, I was finishing up my undergraduate at the University of Miami. My degree was in Economics and Marketing. As every other business school student, I knew how to manage an excel sheet, analyze a Bloomberg, calculate statistically significant variables and trends in the market. But nothing really made me stand out from the rest of my peers who I’d be competing against in the job search. After some research into the tech industry and coding bootcamps in general, I decided to sign up for Wyncode early into my last semester. The initial idea was to get a leg up on the competition by learning how to code. Immediately after graduating, the cohort began, and it wasn’t long after that when I realized that I enjoy the art of coding more than anything I’ve ever done in my many years of undergrad. One could argue that maybe Business just wasn’t the field for me, but I actually switched my field quite a few times, I briefly majored in several areas like Psychology, Philosophy, Literature, International Studies, before I made the switch to Business. I just couldn’t find what I was truly passionate about, at least until I started Wyncode.

I completed the program in August 2018. Recently after my graduation, I started to TA at Wyncode in order to keep sharpening my skills while I waited for several job opportunities to open up for me. Four months after my graduation, I was hired at CareCloud as an Associate Software Engineer, where I’ve been working since.

What was a day in your life at Wyncode?

It’s not easy trying to sum up what a day in the life is like at Wyncode because every day is different, but I’ll do my best. In the morning we’d have Bria give us a motivational speech, talk to us about what we can expect that day, and challenge us to leave our comfort zone. Following that, was the morning block of the program which is usually the lecture block. The lectures mainly focused on conceptual points with an emphasis on syntax and the logic that comes behind what it is we’re learning.

After lunch, we continue with the afternoon block, typically this is spent doing “implementation”, where we pair up with our classmates and try to apply what we’ve learned in the morning which would assess our logical foundations and how well we understood the material. The calendar day “ends” at around 4-4:30 depending on the day. But I wouldn’t make the mistake of thinking your day is actually over. This is around the time homework gets released, and there’s oodles of it everyday. I spent easily 9-10 hours everyday at Wyncode, some days even more depending on how difficult the lesson was and how much homework was given. It’s also worth mentioning that I enjoyed every minute of it. It wasn’t just the lessons and material that I found enjoyable, but also my classmates.

At first I didn’t believe that you could put 25-35 people who have never met in a room together and still expect them all to get along. It’s different with college, everyone is around the same age group with similar mindsets, and you usually only have class with those who are majoring in the same subject. That’s not the case with Wyncode, we have people ranging from high school graduates, college graduates, and people looking to switch careers mid way through their life, all from vastly different backgrounds.

Yet Wyncode does such a good job at vetting these candidates that everyone who joins, that you ever so rarely get something who is unpleasant to be around. I’ll leave my challenges and difficulties for the next question because there were so many, and I feel a lot of the people who go through this program will also come across them.

Tips and Tricks for future #Wyncoders

This is probably my favorite question to answer because it allows me to put emphasis on something that isn’t stressed enough. It’s true that everyone can join Wyncode and learn how to code, but it’s also just as true that it isn’t meant for everyone. Wyncode can teach you the art of coding, but they can’t teach you passion. That’s something that you alone can discover for yourself. Therefore it’s important that you take the time and truly assess yourself before making this leap. I’d ask myself, is this something that I truly want to do. Coding is not an easy skill, and like everything in life it requires hard work and practice.

By this I don’t mean sticking your head in a textbook and memorizing formulas. Unlike other topics taught in school, regurgitating information won’t get you very far, you have to actually understand why you’re writing a particular line of code on a conceptual level. Don’t be that person who assumes because the program has a 90%+ hiring rate, that you’ll be able to perform the bare minimum and get a job.

Wyncode goes to extraordinary lengths to try and get you hired, but they can’t take a coding challenge for you, they can’t sit in and answer the question for you in an interview. In the end, it’s up to you to prepare yourself and make the most of the 10 week program. Leverage the instructor’s knowledge, stay late with the TAs, make connections, study more than you’ve ever studied before, and fully immerse yourself in the program.

His new career in Tech.

CareCloud was one of the few companies that I applied for after my graduation. I feel it’s important to know where and why you want to work at a certain place. Afterall it’ll be where you’ll be spending 40+ hours of your life on a weekly basis. I picked CareCloud for several reasons like the mentorship opportunities they provide for junior developers and their progressive and modern work environment. Another big factor was their technology stack. Tech is a very fast paced field, so it’s important for your own personal growth and betterment that you stay up to date with the latest and greatest technologies. CareCloud has the most complex and cutting edge infrastructure out of all the companies that I was looking into. I prepared everyday for my interview after graduating. It was a lengthy ordeal, but well worth the wait. Typically you’ll receive an online coding challenge, upon completion, you’ll be invited for an in-person interview. The in-person interview consisted of personal questions, whiteboard coding challenges, and a live coding session with challenges similar to the online one you received prior. The coding challenges are akin to challenges that you can find on CodeWars. So if you want extra practice, that’s the place to go. My position title at CareCloud is “Associate Software Engineer”. I work on the UI (frontend) team, primarily using javascript, react, and node. There are currently 21 Wyncoders that are here with us at CareCloud, and that number grows with each passing cohort.

I couldn’t be happier with my job and the team that I work with. I work alongside distinguished alums like Jon Rose, Reeann Hansen, Kevin Schaffter, and Shaila Kavrakova. I learned more than I could’ve imagined in these past few months under their guidance. There’s never a boring day here. Every day is a new challenge. We’re always keeping each other up to date with the latest changes and showing each other newfound technique. The best part is I also TA at Wyncode, so anytime I learn anything new, I get to impart that knowledge to upcoming developers.

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