Unsure about your summer plans? Listen up high-school, college students, educators or anyone looking for a new career in 2019 - this is your moment. The Summer is traditionally known as a time for rest and relaxation, most people use their vacation time, many companies even celebrate ‘summer Fridays’ - all of these are indication that the summer is a time to pause and indulge.

However - we think the Summer is actually the perfect time to refocus in your goals, double down in your bucket list, and if you are looking to start a new career - do the work to best position yourself for the FALL hiring season.

That is why our #NEVERSTOPLEARNING and growth mindset mottos are both Summer 2019 vibes.

2 Ways in which you can kickstart your tech career this summer

Enroll in a tech bootcamp program (we have a couple starting soon).

Tech bootcamp programs are designed to be immersive and transformational - as a technical training program that teaches skills that employers are looking to hire. The unique aspect of being fully immersed in a learning environment for 10 weeks, can not only set you up for career success, but it will give you the opportunity to dive in fully into this transformation, learn how to solve real-world problems and network with other future techies (in the case of Wyncode, have access to its 700+ alumni slack and community channel).

Having doubts about your 2019 career plans? Overthinking if you will be able to accomplish all that you set out to do in New Years? Well, the summer is the best time to educate and position yourself as a valuable candidate for the Fall hiring season. As a student, taking advantage of your off-time to enroll in an immersive experience such as a tech bootcamp, will set you apart and give you the expertise to land any competitive opportunities. If you are looking to change careers, consider choosing a bootcamp program that offers job support. For instance, at Wyncode

As our main motto goes, this is your chance to NEVER STOP LEARNING.

The moment is now, take advantage of it.

Why leave for later, something you can get done today? Sure, there are future cohorts you can enroll in, and of course you are busy, and a bootcamp is a big time commitment - but if you want to truly transform your life and career - you must seize the moment and commit to change.

Sidenote -

If you’re a developer, Software Engineer or UXUI Expert (in South Florida) looking for a new opportunity, connect with Wyntalent.

Our job placement team helps connect our Wyncoders and overall South Florida tech talent with our network of 360+ Hiring Partners to fulfill their hiring needs.

Wyntalent provides vetted Full Stack Web Developers and UX/UI Product Designers, for consulting and/or full-time employment opportunities. Unlike your typical recruiting/staffing firm, our talent pool primarily consists of over 750 Alumni that have graduated from our school Wyncode Academy.