Wyncoder Pedro De Ona comes from a background in Finance and had worked at a Law Firm, before he decided to journey into a career in Technology. His experience at Wyncode and his work with Wyntalent landed him a job at one of the most prestigious companies in the country (and in a matter of weeks). Learn all about his journey and how Wyncode changed his career.

**Im his own words, Pedro De Ona shares with us his journey into a successful career in tech. **

Before Wyncode I was at FIU studying Finance, and I worked at a law firm. I was planning on going to law school and working as an attorney for a long time. By working in the field, I learned I was not going to enjoy a career in law. I wanted to consider other options, and computer programming is also something I had been interested in for a long time. I had bought books, studied on my own and even took a course in game development while I was in high school, but it took me a long time to make the decision to pursue it as a profession. Ultimately I wanted to do what I thought would make me happy, and all I really knew was I wasn’t doing that yet.


I encountered a lot of friction when I tried to change majors into Computer Science (one major problem - no pun intended - was that all of the courses I had taken were for Finance, so I essentially needed to start over as a sophomore). Around this time I heard about Wyncode from a friend who knew someone working there, and made the decision to transition out of university and take the full-time Web Development course. I completed Wyncode in October of 2017.

Wyncode was a great experience, and the class itself was only a small part of it. The rest of my cohort was an awesome group of people, we had a lot of fun learning and helping each other learn. I found that my previous experience really came in handy in working through the course and helping my peers to learn concepts that they were having difficulty with. I really enjoyed working in a collaborative environment and I think one of the most valuable aspects of the education at Wyncode is learning to work through problems together, because that is generally how you will be doing it in the real world.

Tips and Tricks of the Trade

Google is your friend. Google is not cheating. Google has all the answers.

Seriously, I have rarely encountered a problem in web development that someone had not encountered before me, posted about on stackoverflow.com, and had at least an answer or two with some possible solution posted in response. Just google it.


**Thinking of a Career in Tech? Wyncode might just be the perfect place to start. **

I would definitely recommend Wyncode to anyone interested in pursuing web development. The education is amazing and the support provided after graduation (even years after!) is second to none.

The job search did not start for me for a while after finishing Wyncode, because when I finished I actually started a business first. While I enjoyed it, we unfortunately were not able to sustain the company and my co-founder and I agreed to move on to new things. I had also worked as a part-time consultant for Wyntalent, so I reached out to Kip True at Wyntalent. We sat down and reviewed some of the things I had worked on and learned since being at Wyncode. Within 2 weeks of meeting, the Wyntalent team had 3 offers for me to review, from 3 great companies, all offering more in compensation and benefits than I had asked for. I decided on my new role within a month - I am going to be starting as a Software Engineer at RBI on May 13.

I am excited to see where this next chapter takes me. Entrepreneurship is amazing, and in the future I may start my own business again, but I am most looking forward to working with a large engineering team on delivering software at scale.

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