Wyncode and it partners, Knight Foundation and Microsoft, are so excited and proud to announce the 3 fellows selected for our Spring Fellowship. After a thorough selection process from over a hundred applicants, a panel of judges selected: Calvin Mitchell, Yujailec Benitez and Ignacio Paricio. Upon completing the program these fellows will go on to join the teams of Lavu Inc and Watsco. Congratulations!

Powered by our amazing partners Knight Foundation and Microsoft we officially launched the Future Leaders of Tech Fellowship. The fellowship provides underrepresented individuals with the opportunity to access career and life changing education.

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Applications now open for Future Leaders of Miami Tech Fellowship Summer 2019! **\ In partnership with Knight Foundation and Microsoft Corp., Wyncode remains committed to making South Florida’s talent pool more competitive through our **Future Leaders of Miami Tech Fellowship - This is an opportunity designed for underrepresented individuals in Miami’s technology ecosystem, who have under $50,000 in combined family income, have limited to no post-secondary education and are authorized to work in the U.S. \ \ The fellows will complete (under a full scholarship) one of our 10 week full-time programs: Full Stack Web Development or Product Design (UX/UI) Immersive programs. The deadline to apply for the Summer Fellowship is June 3rd.