Every industry is now a tech industry. In such a competitive market, it is no surprise that big namesakes like UPS, Domino’s Pizza and even Goldman Sachs - are now considering themselves technology companies and are putting money behind growing their tech teams.

In a special report published by Bloomberg News in 2015 titled The World Belongs \ to People Who Code, the message is clear: knowing these skills could add decades to your career. Even more, it could transform the way you live your life, run your finances and transform your career into one that actually satisfies you. Long gone are the days of a 9 to 5 misery.

The reality is, the world belongs to people who can code or design amazing customer experiences. Technologist with competitive skills like coding, UX/UI design, agile methodology training, the ability to project manage tech teams and digital marketing expertise are getting hired more than anyone else in any industry, and with better benefits and paychecks. In a recent article by Entrepreneur titled ‘The Era of the Specialist is Over’, it is stated that becoming a deep generalist who excels in multiple fields can increase your income, opportunities, and entrepreneurial success. So why not change your life and become an on-demand hire in a matter of 10 weeks? (queue in our programs plug: you could potentially become an expert in UX/UI Design, a Full Stack Web Developer, a Front End Web Developer or a Digital Marketing strategist in a matter of weeks).

Why does this matter? Well, because according to Indeed.com, Glassdoor and multiple other job-search engines - these skills are the most on-demand tech jobs in America in 2019. Recently, NBC News published a list of the 10 Best Jobs of 2019 and Full Stack Web Developer is at number 3 with an average salary above $100,000. Even more, if you are an entrepreneur or business owner, these are commonly the roles that are the most expensive and difficult to outsource - so why not learn to do it yourself?

Now the good stuff.

Here are the Top 10 most on-demand Jobs in Tech (according to number of ):

( In no particular order )

1. Software Developer / Engineer

2. Enterprise Architect

3. UX/UI Designer or Developer

4. Software Development Manager (PM)

5. UX Researcher

6. Solutions Architect

7. Front-End Developer

8. Data Scientist

9. Cloud Engineer

10. Database Administrator

How to get jobs like these? Consider signing up for a bootcamp. More and more, companies are hiring people based on their skillsets and abilities - not based on their graduate degree or a traditional education. Companies like Google, Apple, IBM and Ernst & Young are just some of the namesakes that have publicly advocated their change in hiring policies based on the recognition that results matter more than credentials.

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