Nurturing world-class designers, leading clients and teams through the product design process and leveraging lean UX and an agile framework – are just some of the expertise our Lead Instructor Gessica Tortolano teaches to encourage her students to deliver on value.

Before returning to South Florida, Gessica spent 3 years in San Francisco working as Director of Product Design at Beyond. There, she shortened the purchase path for clients like Google, entered into experimentations and feedback loops with Gap, and tapped the true value of Voice UX with Samsung.


Her career in Product Design began in Boston as a UI Designer for DWS, where she assisted in the launch of, now Deutsche Asset Management. After almost 4 years in the role, Gessica joined a newly formed team at Digitas North America division - the first of its kind, Digitas Usability Studies - where she championed and pioneered the Lightening Lab, an on-site usability testing lab.

Gessica’s next role, took her from Miami to Los Angeles to Chicago, as an Information Design Consultant for RLM / TrialGraphix, where she translated data and information into effective visuals and demonstratives for use in courtroom settings that could include, a jury, a panel of arbitrators, mediators or judges. She designed damages animation graphic for Clear Channel, Jam Sports, and AMA Federal trial resulting in a 90M verdict in favor of our client.

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In 2010, Gessica joined SapientNitro as an Associate Creative Director. There, she represented Experience Design in new business opportunities for global, fortune 500 companies. She helped build and retain multi-year relationships with clients, even winning a 2017 Webby for her team’s work with the Miami Heat App, producing more mobile revenue than all the other NBA teams combined.

Before joining Wyncode’s teaching team in 2017, Gessica was the Director of Product Design for Beyond, a design and tech firm. There, she lead the product design and UX offerings in the San Francisco office, with a team responsible for the end to end design of her clients’ products. One of her more memorable work at Beyond was spearheading their very first sold out UX event, venturing into the future of design for autonomous vehicles, VR, and autism.

Gessica’s ethors relies on the idea that UX is about solving real problems and addressing pain points, not just making something cool as a product or a feature. It is about storytelling, screen composition and clear paths to completion, while removing friction, not just rearranging elements on a screen. As a problem solving framework, UX puts the user at the heart of the process. It results in a better experience thereby producing better products.

Since the beginning of her career, Gessica has worked with many of the world’s biggest brands, including Burger King, Instagram, IBM, the NBA, Chrysler, Coca-Cola, GM, Norwegian Cruise Lines and Carnival Cruise Lines.

It is after all these years, and diverse experiences, Gessica felt compelled to share and teach her expertise with a new generation of Product Designers and UX Experts, just in time to foster a new generation of designers in South Florida.

Currently, Gessica is Wyncode Academy’s Lead UX/UI Instructor and has ushered Miami’s leading class of Product Designer and UX/UI Experts. Having worked in projects like the one for the City of Miami, which as recently featured in the South Florida Business Journal Cover: How Miami leads South Florida in smart city initiatives.

She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Advertising from Emerson College in Boston.

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