10 Florida Tech Startups To Watch In 2014

Written by wyncode on 11th June 2014, 11:57 AM

Florida is one of the top places to look for exciting startup companies in 2014. With multiple major cities, an emphasis on tourism, and its ever-growing multiculturalism, Florida is a great state for startups to blossom. Here are ten of the most interesting startups that everyone should be watching this year.

1. Waleteros

This virtual check cashing service is a natural fit for the Hispanic community, traditionally underserved by banks. The startup will allow consumers to use a mobile wallet to manage money transfers, ATM withdrawals, deposits, and bill payments. Users can even transfer money internationally and receive small loans. Waleteros has already gained attention from the Venture Hive accelerator in the Miami area.

2. Alorum

The startup company Alorum is focused on web development and software. It has launched a WordPress plug-in as a key first product. With over $300,000 in funding, Alorum has the capital to make waves in the software and development sphere and the company is committed to staying local.

3. Kimetric

Kimetric 2
The startup firm Kimetric uses Microsoft Kinect motion-sensing software in stores, with the aim of using patrons’ gender, age, physical details, and their movement through stores to track preferences and create instant data.

4. LearnerNation


This platform creates software for companies to create employee training programs. LearnerNation has already been used by clients like Hulu and LG, as well as child welfare training programs in multiple states.

5. LiveNinja

The startup LiveNinja is a platform for sharing skills and expertise through live video. LiveNinja allows instant access to experts who can provide knowledge to those who want it.

6. Fitting Room Social

Providing a way to get accurate, real size and fit information from real people trying on clothes, Fitting Room Social has developed an innovative way to connect retail with social media to create personalized size and fit recommendations.

7. Eventgrabber

Based on user preferences, Eventgrabber recommends local events that will suit user interests. The startup is also incorporating services for event organizers including integrated ticketing and social media marketing.

8. OnFast

This startup provides social media analytics and other tools for small businesses. The OnFast platform helps these business centralize, manage and track their social media networks and usage.

9. Couponmat

Screen Shot 2014-06-11 at 11.55.48 AM
With Couponmat, providers can market their offers directly to consumers, bypassing the traditional paper coupon system and creating an exciting new model for discounts and coupons.

10. Ayuber

Ayuber allows consumers to manage all purchase activity, from receipts to warranties to returns to re-sales. By centralizing consumer activity relating to retail purchases, Ayuber will ease the process of purchasing with this new service.

Overall, Florida’s tech startup scene is booming, and these are just ten great examples of the exciting tech startups the state has in store. Keep your eyes on these ten Florida-based startups in 2014!